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Saluting Courage and Commitment

We see you out there working long shifts, fighting fatigue, and dealing with dangerous situations – living the public safety life. You’re the first on the scene when something goes wrong and you don’t just keep the peace—you save lives.

We have articles just for you that cover current events & changes that affect your work, premier products hitting the market, and tactics you need to be most effective in the field. We’ll even do deep dives into the logistics of carrying your weapon off-duty and what sort of holsters are most effective for your specific line of work.

We know when you serve, your entire family serves with you. We cover topics for your family, too. Topics ranging from the balance of personal and professional lives to the optimal use of you new equipment and practices,  and so much more. If you’re one of those family members to a public safety official, we can give you the inside tips on how to support them while they’re on the job and how to hold it all together back at HQ.

Regardless if you’re active or retired Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Fighter, or a Government Employee, we aim to serve all the questions you have about life in Public Safety! We’re always looking for new and interesting topics catered to our audience, so if you have a suggestion drop us a line some time. If there’s something you feel doesn’t get discussed frequently enough, let us know.

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