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Our Expert’s Favorite Police Gear

There’s so much more to police work than sitting behind the wheel of a patrol car. At a moment’s notice, you’ve got to be ready for anything. From foot chases to directing traffic, you’ve got to have the right gear for a variety of duties. We know what you wear is determined – in part – by uniform policy, but when it comes to tactical options, our experts have handpicked their favorite police duty gear from our top manufacturers.


Tactical Pants by 5.11

511 Tactical Pants

The reality is that you’ll need a pair of tactical pants that offer a range of benefits. Comfort, durability, utility and mobility are equally important when you think about the daily needs of law enforcement. Outside of the specific requirements of your agency, we favor a pair that can handle impact, hundreds of washes and can adequately carry the equipment the job demands.

NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

When it comes to comfort and carrying capacity, look no further than 5.11 Tactical Men’s B Class PDU Cargo Pant. It’s made from a cotton twill blend and features a Teflon coating, meaning the pants present well when you’re out in the community and can handle a lot of bumps and scrapes. In terms of storage, the thigh pockets provide a ton of space for any of your essential gear. Finally, the grip panel on the inside of the pant legs will keep your shirt firmly in place—an important benefit to get you from call to call still looking presentable. With all of these features, and so many more, it’s easy to see why these PDU Pants made our expert’s list of favorite police gear.


Tactical Boots by Rocky

Rocky S2V

We can’t stress how important footwear is; especially if you plan on a long career in law enforcement. Your job varies day-by-day, and what you place on your feet needs to protect you from the unpredictable.

While the Rocky S2V is at a higher price point, we find investing in your feet is worth every penny. These high-performance boots are flame resistant, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial. From the high-walled Vibram outsoles to the 1,000 Denier Cordura nylon material, your feet will never be more protected.

Outside of the added layers of protection, the Rocky S2V features Airport cushion footbeds and PU midsoles. Comfort never came this well protected. Believe us, your feet will thank you. These boots hold a soft spot in many law enforcement officer’s heart, and so it’s no wonder these made our expert’s list of favorite police gear.


Boot Socks by Fox River

LE boot socksSpeaking of taking care of your feet, don’t sleep on a solid pair of boot socks. We love the Fox River Maximum Boot Socks for two reasons. First, they feature a contoured ribbing and Spandex compression zones to keep the socks in place and avoid slipping. Secondly, the socks are made with quick-dry fibers to keep them from staying saturated – ensuring your feet are nice and dry. Whenever you’re investing in new boots, we always suggest adding some socks to your order to ensure you’ve got your feet covered.


Body Armor by Shellback Tactical

Shellback Body Armor

You need a vest. Period. And if you find yourself needing an extra, or your department doesn’t issue one, the Shellback Tactical Defender Active Shooter Armor Kit is your complete armor kit. The kit comes with the Shellback Tactical Defender Plate Carrier, which features two plate pockets, two integrated kangaroo M4 magazine pouches, drag handle and front and back loop panels. The plate carrier is constructed from 500 Denier nylon and has fully adjustable side straps and shoulders, meaning your safety won’t be compromised for comfort.

The plates are Shellback Tactical Model 1155 Level IV, measuring 10”x12”x1” and NIJ 0101.06 Certified. The kit also includes the Shellback Tactical Kit Carrying Bag.


Tactical Response Bag by Condor

LE response bagDepending on your job’s requirements, you may need something reliable to store your police gear. We can’t think of carrying anything else around other than a Condor Tactical Response Bag. Like the bird that this brand is named after, Condor has been around for a long time, creating durable military and police tactical gear.

Outside of the primary storage compartment, the bag comes with two adjustable side pockets, two pen pockets, a flashlight pocket, a conceal and carry loop panel pocket and four accessory pockets with hook/loop closures. When you want a bag and you don’t want to question whether it can hold everything and keep you organized, this is the bag for you.


Sling Bag by 5.11

le sling bagIf you need your storage to be a bit more mobile, the 5.11 Tactical Rush MOAB 10 Sling Pack is the perfect choice. This tactical go bag is completely customizable, making it a great addition to your police gear. On the outside, the bag is covered in Molle/SlickStick-compatible web lining. Beyond the web platform, we can’t express enough how much you can pack in this bag. Plus, with so many admin and stash pockets, we promise you’ll manage to always stay organized.


Holster by 5.11

le holsterAnd while we’re talking 5.11, we’ll mention the 5.11 Tactical Thumbdrive Holster. 5.11 partnered with Blade-Tech to create one of the fastest drawing holsters out there—and you know we’ve tested this. Along with the easy release, this holster won’t add a lot of weight to your body. It’s definitely lightweight and what it lacks in weight, it more than makes up for in added security. The holster features a reinforced retention system and removable Chop-Block switch guard. The paddle system is also one of the best we’ve seen. Rarely does it crack and the system ensures your holster stays where it should.


If you’re hungry for more content on holsters, check out our article ‘Are Thigh Holsters Better Than Hip Holsters for Police?’.

NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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