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Product Review: Shellback Tactical Defender 2.0 Active Shooter Nylon Kit

In today’s world, you can never be too prepared—especially when you’re on duty. That’s why a reliable active shooter kit has become an essential piece of law enforcement gear in the past few decades.

If you’re looking for a high-quality active shooter kit, look no further than the Shellback Tactical Defender 2.0 Active Shooter Nylon Kit.

Shellback knows the law enforcement field is changing rapidly in response to new threats, which is why they’re always using cutting-edge technology and designs to bring you gear needed to be effective. Here’s what you can expect from the active shooter response kit.

Easy-to-Transport Carrying Bag 

The thing about emergencies is you never know when they’re going to happen, so you always have to be prepared. The carrying bag easily holds both the plate carrier with room for plates and additional magazines. It’s two carrying straps make it easy to transport, and the loop panels for hook placards and patches give you the ability to easily ID your bag.

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defender vestOne of the most important things to focus on during an active shooter situation is your own protection—you can’t control or help the situation if you’re hit. This active shooter kit comes with a plate carrier designed to hold either Shellback Prevails series plates or your choice of personal hard armor plates.

Medical Supplies

Hopefully you won’t need medical supplies during an active shooter situation, but it’s better to be prepared. This kit comes with an integrated tourniquet pouch that’s marked red for easy identification. You can also use the straps to attach more pouches to hold medical supplies like blood clotting powder, dressings, and trauma shears.

Magazine Pouches 

Too often, there’s only one way to end an active shooter situation. The Shellback active shooter response kit has two integrated magazine kangaroo pouches to ensure you have the ammunition you need to get the situation under control.


defender green vestYou’re likely not the only one responding to the scene and you need to make sure you’re recognized as one of the good guys. You can add an ID placard to the plate carrier to ensure your teammates know you’re one of them.


The plate carrier included in this kit is one size fits most and is fully adjustable with side and shoulder straps. That means you can get the perfect fit to ensure your Shellback armor is positioned correctly and that you’re both comfortable and protected. 

Quality Construction and Materials

Both the plate carrier and the carrying bag are made from 500 Denier Nylon which is durable, lightweight, and water resistant. The Shellback Tactical Defender 2.0 Active Shooter Kit has laser cut MOLLE where the original had traditional bar tac MOLLE. The advantage? Further reduction in weight, the kit is more durable and has a more streamlined look. Shellback improves their designs with every iteration, and this is no exception.

This kit is just one tool you need to protect yourself. Make sure you have all the gear you require to stay safe out there.

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NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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