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Make Your Own Roadmap

You don’t have to be a seasoned trekker to enjoy some time hiking through the outdoors. Whether you enjoy a simple trek or enjoy creating your own trail up a mountain, we’ve got the information you need.

When you’re heading out in the wilderness, you need to know how to stay safe. Our experts will give you the rundown on what to look for in hiking gear, how to safely carry weight on your ruck, and how to brave the harshest of elements.

Wondering what footwear is better for a hike through untamed wilderness versus what works for a simple walk around a park trail? How about which products tend to go the distance, opposed to wearing out after just a few trips? Fear not, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Our how-to articles will take your hikes to the next level, teaching you new techniques, how to perform your best in the worst conditions, and how to keep your footwear in optimal condition.

Regardless if you’re active or retired Military, Public Safety, or an Outdoor or Exercise Enthusiast, we aim to serve all the questions you have about the newest hiking products and methods!

If you’d like to check out our Hiking Boots Selection, you can view the robust product offering at uspatriot.com. We’re always looking for new and interesting topics catered to our audience, so if you have a suggestion drop us a line some time. If there’s something you feel doesn’t get discussed frequently enough, let us know.

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