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DiY in the USA

We get it, sometimes you can do a better job than the rest. We don’t aim to stand in your way. If anything, we want to enhance the “How-To” attitude and provide you with the newest methods to get the job done yourself.

Whether you’re looking to refine your maintenance techniques on your firearms or you’re looking to construct your own HAM radio, we’ve got you covered. We’ll cover a wide array of topics on how to become completely self-sufficient in numerous fields.

Our how-to articles will take your self-sufficiency to the next level, teaching you new techniques, how to perform your best in the worst conditions, and how to keep your equipment in optimal condition.

Maybe you’re looking for a different technique or you’re consistently running into the same issue over and over on your latest project. Let us know! We want to make sure every American feels their “How-To” appetite is fulfilled with the most relative and pertinent topics available.

Regardless if you’re active or retired Military, Public Safety, or an Outdoor or Exercise Enthusiast, we aim to serve all the questions you have about the newest “How To” products and methods!

If you’d like to check out our Tactical Gear Selection, you can view the robust product offering at We’re always looking for new and interesting topics catered to our audience, so if you have a suggestion drop us a line some time. If there’s something you feel doesn’t get discussed frequently enough, let us know.

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