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Aim Small, Miss Small

You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran at the range to appreciate what we’re offering in our shooting section, but it doesn’t hurt. Our in-depth knowledge of guns and ammo, shooting techniques, and gun rights issues will help you hit your target every time.

We’re covering everything from new firearms hitting the market to new policies that could affect how you carry across the nation. We’ll look at new techniques that are changing the way people exercise their second amendment. We’re taking a deep-dive into the world of weapons and liability insurance, while also tracking the world of professional shooting (we might even sneak in some archery, who knows). Basically, if it’s about shooting – you’ll find it here.

Regardless if you’re active or retired Military, Public Safety, an Industry Professional, or just an active Second Amendment Enthusiast, we aim to serve all the questions you have about shooting products, techniques, policy changes, organizations, and events!

If you’d like to check out our Weapons Accessories, you can view the robust product offering at If you’re looking for the best bag/case to store your weapon, why not give our gear reviews section a once-over? We’re always looking for new and interesting topics catered to our audience, so if you have a suggestion drop us a line some time. If there’s something you feel doesn’t get discussed frequently enough, let us know.

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