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Semper Paratus

Regardless if you’re a new recruit or if you’re a veteran coastie, we know that it can be challenging to find all of the information you need on the U.S. Coast Guard. How do we know? Because we served, too.

America’s coastal defense force has Alexander Hamilton to thank for its creation. As the oldest continuous seagoing service of the United States, the Coast Guard’s original purpose was collecting customs duties at Colonial Sea Ports. By the time World War I had started, the American government had consolidated several service organizations into what we now know as the modern-day Coast Guard.

Today the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard continue to do their part in Customs Affairs, but also ensure that our coast lines are secure from foreign interests and illegal goods. Although one of the smaller service branches, the USCG (and their families) boasts a proud and stoic  history. At U.S. Patriot, we take pride in serving those who serve us. We continue to bolster our Coast Guard offerings online, and we’re always open to new product suggestions. If you’d like to check out our current product offering, please visit us at

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