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Don’t Just Read History, Make it

History covers a lot of ground, and some times it’s easy to overlook the details. We plan to look into significant moments and events that may not have gotten the attention they deserve.

We aim to dig deeper than merely scratching the surface of history. Perhaps we’re all familiar with a battle, but wouldn’t you like to push further? What was going through the mind of the soldiers? What impact would this event unknowingly have on the rest of history? How would things have been conducted differently in today’s day and age? These are just a few of the questions we’re asking. We’re not aiming to spin history, just dig a bit deeper than a lot of the other outlets you’re likely familiar with already and see how the impact of those events rippled through time.

Although America boasts a terrific History, we’ll expand out and look at global events. Revolutions, Protests, Wars, Disputes, and even Social Reform: We’ll take a deep dive on these topics as we push for more answers. We’ll take a closer look at what was successful and where a General may have underestimated his enemy. We’re always looking for new and interesting topics catered to our audience, so if you have a suggestion drop us a line some time. If there’s a particular conflict that you feel doesn’t get discussed frequent enough, let us know – WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!.

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