Bergdahl Lawyer Wants POW Medal

If you don’t live under a rock and follow “hot topics” in the news then you will know who Bowe Bergdahl is and the fact that somehow even though he deserted his post, he slipped life in prison. I get he pled guilty, pleaded his sorrows, blah blah blah. Let me remind you that SIX soldiers died on missions specifically for finding him. Not to mention a SEALs career was ended, a K9 lost his life, a man will be forever paralyzed and never speaker, another had to relearn how to brush his teeth after an RPG shattered his hand. Oh yeah, 5 GTMO detainees were released in a trade for him.

(U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl (R) REUTERS/Jonathan Drake)

Facing an “unfair” trial after President Trump said Bergdahl “should be shot” his lawyers argued all charges should be dismissed. The even said that is violated his rights to due process and that Americans should all be offended. Then Bowe decided that he would not stand in front of a jury but instead a military judge. Then in an ABC exclusive, he came out and said he didn’t feel he’d receive a fair trial because of the president’s comments. Unfair my behind. Is no jail time, a dishonorable discharge and a $1000 pay cut over 10 months unfair and demotion to the rank of fuzzy? (PV1 for those unfamiliar with the term)

There are soldiers who were convicted of lesser crimes that received worse punishment. To top it all off Bergdhal’s lawyers believes he should receive the POW medal and they are appealing his dishonorable discharge. How about we trade then — serve the 14 years the prosecution asked for and then you will have received a General Under Honorable Conditions, how does that sound?

The POW Medal is “awarded” to any person who was taken prisoner or held captive while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States; while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing Armed Force; or while serving with friendly forces engaged in armed conflict against an opposing Armed Force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.” If going of literal terms, he was not engaged in an action against them. He left his post and was on his own, not a mission with his unit, not assisting the ANA, nothing that meets the literal definition. Loosely looking at it he was technically engaged in an action against the enemy by being in a country with the Army.

Take it or leave it the charges should stand and should have been worse. Tortured or not his captivity was a direct result of his own actions. Even if he claims he was trying to make it to a bigger base to report a chain of command issue.

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61 thoughts on “Bergdahl Lawyer Wants POW Medal

  1. He should have been shot, plain and simple. He deserted during war. Don’t forget what happened to Pvt Slovik. He deserted in WWII, came back and was executed for desertion. The only reason he pled guilty, was so he didn’t get life in prison. He shouldn’t get the back pay and allowances either. That should go to the families of the service men who were injured. This is my humble opinion

    1. I agree he should go to each of the families including those that lost their lives looking for him. Then taking to prison.

  2. Angelo, your indignance is noted. I’m not sure what you expect your readers to do. Bergdahl’s lawyers are advocating to the best of their abilities on behalf of their client. That is what they are being paid to do and they appear to be earning their money.

    The rest of us are not privy to all the evidence, submissions and court findings of the case, so we are hardly in a position to make any reasoned judgment. I presume you are no better placed. It seems to follow that if you don’t know the full story, you might consider toning things down a bit.

    Your military career was brief and I get that you feel robbed of the opportunity to fight for your country. Those of us who have been exposed to hostile fire realise that things are not always as black and white as Hollywood, or politicians, would have us believe – especially politicisns who avoided service themselves. Before you rush to judgment, try to consider all sides. But, of course, that’s very difficult to do when you don’t have access to all the evidence.

    1. The evidence is pretty clear that not for the desertion of his post Bergdahl wouldn’t have become a “POW”. He is not a victim nor did he serve honorably, his situation in life is if his own making, he us unworthy of pity, concern, or benefits.

    2. From a common sense perspective I agree with you BLB but for the little we do know he deserves a dishonorable discharge, the demotion and no medal. I’m a 30 year soldier and thats our job to go out and look for our brothers and sisters in arms whether they were outright captured or wandered off in enemy territory, unfortunately some of ours were killed and wounded permanently. He suffered during his captivity which was like prison and I agree with the punishment our leadership rendered on him. I personally don’t want to hear anymore about him.

  3. Lawyers are supposed to fight tooth and nail to get their clients everything possible, regardless of how absurd it may seem. Bill ^ is right, we don’t have all the facts, but if the facts, as they are, show desertion in a combat zone, well….then justice is swift and harsh. As members of the service, we agree to those terms as set forth in the UCMJ. (Most of us don’t realize that until much later though, but agree we did) Desertion in conflict put others in danger and is a slap in the face of everyone who gave their final measure to protect and defend the country they swore an oath to. Just my opinion, having experience with the UCMJ and military courts, that the framework for the military, though harsh and extreme, is written in blood and designed the way it is for very good reasons. But the facts lead to justice and let it be what it’ll be.

    1. It comes down to violating a basic general order in which general orders are standing orders, not needing to be direct orders. Cowardice is not in itself a crime but combined with a violation of a basic general order could be construed that way and in his case, being as he was not under fire and simply walked off on a random day, has to be considered a willful act. By that I mean it wasn’t a moment of blind fear causing him to lose his ability to reason. That is why he should be denied any further consideration. The case should be closed.

  4. He is plain and simple a deserter a coward in the face of the enemy. His choice. He was not captured in battle or as part of a military action. His actions cause the deaths of his platoon mates. Clearly not the behavior that merits any kind of medal. Plain and simple if it were not for confusing actions by Obama and his trolls he would still be rooting in the brig where he belongs. Absolutely NO MEDAL or ant other honorable consideration,

  5. This story is fake news … his lawyer was told that Bergdahl would NOT qualify for the POW medal, but rather would qualify for the POS medal, a new citation being issued for guys like Bergdahl who cut and run under threat or pressure of any kind. Fortunately the POS medal is extremely rare, but when it is so well deserved has to be duly awarded.

  6. He’s a disgrace as a soldier and human. He got off in my opinion way to easy. Should of at the very least with 50 years in prison. No medals no back pay. Very angry right now.

  7. The president was right in his assessment. He should have been shot. His desertion cost the lives of honorable people, but unfortunately, you can’t say stuff like that at that level of power before a trial has been held. It’s like police botching a case by mishandling evidence, that otherwise would have convicted a felon.

  8. This person should be hung or shot there should not be any thoughts of prison.
    He deserted his post and got his buddies killed and hurt be on belief.
    POW medal not for him, he should be given to real POW or the families of the buddies hurt or killed because of his action and let them deal with him!

  9. He deserted his post during a time of hostilities,exposing his comrades to danger.
    At the minimum life in the stockade.

  10. He is a coward and he should have to apologize to the families of those he affected and then hung. Our forefathers have already established the law, now follow it! He is a cowardly cuck and his lawyer.

  11. He deserted his post and walked to the enemy . Was not captured . Got 6 men killed looking for this traitor . The only
    metal he should get is that from a firing squad

  12. He is a traitor and needs to be treated as such. Actually he should be held in captivity by the ones that had him. But our lawless President at the time let four terrorist out of GITMO to trade for this sorry individual. Obama studied the U.S. Constitution?????? I don’t think he has ever read it, never mind studied it.

  13. This Walking POS should be held for Treason to our Country and have him Shot for his Crime. He does NOT Deserve to wear any medals. Hell he doesn’t even deserve to wear a Military Uniform. This Government has gotten soft. If we had a Military General in Office he may not be alive today. The least they could do is Leavenworth Penitentiary for the rest of his life. He should be used to that by now.

  14. How dare this traitor even for 1 moment think he deserves the POW medal.
    This decoration is reserved for the TRUE patriots who have endured intolerable atrocities to themselves, not only physical but psychological also.
    He deserted his post in the face of the enemy. (Possibly passed sensitive information to the enemy also.)
    Military law states EXECUTION is the penalty for such actions!!!!

  15. I’m retired AF and served during both GW’s. First and foremost he is a deserter and should be executed for desertion. Stripped of rank, privileges and any medals.

  16. This situation is why lawyers get a bad name. My best friend is a lawyer and would never stoop to this level but evidently the lawyer is not fighting for justice but for a paycheck and/or a “name”. This is truly ridiculous, an insult to those who served and are serving honorably, and an abomination to those who died looking for someone they thought was their teammate, who in fact was their ENEMY. I can only hope and pray that there’s an attorney or organization out there that will stand up for those who gave up their lives for this TRAITOR and prosecutes the attorney, as this is frivolous and self-serving. PLEASE – can someone find an attorney that will bring a countersuit!

    1. From what I know of the legal profession, an attorney’s professional ethics demand that he view a case impartial, regardless of what he may think of the defendant. If a lawyer decides (or is assigned) to take a case, he must defend the client to the fullest extent of his ability. In this sense, the law is impartial: deserters, rapists, terrorists, traitors and other scum are as deserving of a fair trial and vigorous representation in court as an innocent man falsely accused of a crime.

      Reserve your ire for Bergdahl himself, not the attorneys defending him. In striving to secure the best possible outcome (i.e. the most lenient punishment) for the defendant, they are doing what the profession expects.

  17. This selfish idiot doesn’t even deserve to be in the uniform, in which so many of us have paid the ultimate sacrifice, let alone a medal for being a coward.
    This jackwagon needs a deep reality check, along with all the members of the Obama Administration which allowed this to happen.

  18. Simple answer is, he should have been shot! He deserted his post, exposed his unit, and operators died attempting to get him out. THIS IS NOT DEBATEABLE!

  19. He conducted himself as a coward . He deserted his post on his own power and was not captured but went willingly to the enemy. He deserves nothing from me or you or anyone else in this country but should be put in prison and made to work in the fields or on the roads and not allowed to asscociate with anyone . I am retired military and proud to have served with honorable Marines .

  20. It doesn’t matter which way you look at this case, whether for or against or neutral, the simple fact of the matter is he violated one of the most basic general orders in the US Army. That fact should never be forgotten, ever. For that reason he should be treated as a deserter and given no less than an General OTH, stripped of benefits and then sent home. Our services are not conscripted to fill the ranks and being there was voluntary! Becoming a POW was also voluntary and does not meet the spirit and intent of the POW medal. Supposing he does receive the medal, I am sure the brass will rewrite the stipulations to avoid any further instances of this kind.

  21. He should have been shot. Nothing more, nothing less. He is a deserter, a traitor, and a stain upon the service.

  22. As a veteran of 3 wars and many, many operations, I’m apauld to think he thinks he deserves a Heroes Medal. He’s lucky he was not executed as a war time deserter.

  23. is this a joke? i do not care if his lawyers are advocating for him just give him the same “treatment” as manning got , the operationn, and turn him loose in general population. i’m sure our prison population knows best how to service this traitor

  24. This lily livered chicken shit traitor deserves to drawn quartered and left to bleed to death in th e f****** desert that is all he deserves

  25. P.O.S. Medal maybe. This “man”, and I use that term in its broadest possible sense, is a disgrace to the army uniform, the nation, and mankind. He is a coward and should have been shot for desertion.

  26. He should at least gotten life at hard time for deserting his post in the face of the enemy. Because of the fact he did desert his post and went to the enemy he SHOULD NOT be awarded the POW medal! That honor goes to those men and women how are captured while doing their duty, not being a whinny snowflake.

  27. I agree with President Trump.!, He should have been shot! At least he should have got life in prison! It was a time of war!

  28. He is a coward and deserves no medal. He deserts his post people die and others get hurt for a coward. I don’t even think he should be allowed to live in this country send the bastard back with his friends who supposedly held him captive. He is nothing but a POS traitor.

  29. My best friend just died on December 1 of last year. He served three tours in Vietnam and was highly decorated. He served in the LRRPS and it took 46 yrs for him to get his medals. Such as the Silver Star, two purple hearts etc. Nam killed him with cancer. I served four years in the US Army peacetime and spent 19 yrs as a Police Officer and was forced to retire as I was injured in the line of duty. All through out our history men, woman of all races have served fought and died for this country. They have lost limbs memories some are still suffering. And bleeding heart jackasses want to let this piece of shit off and give him a medal!!!!! NO!!!! what a slap in the face to all those who have served in the military and as public servants and have lost so much. No medal no freedom send him back to who he deserted too and let them have him!!!!

  30. I am completely pissed. I am so sick of these POS who join the military just for the benefits or to get money for college then when they are called to duty and decide, oh,this isn’t what I signed up for. Shoot him!!! You deserted your brothers during a fire fight…..Of course you’re sorry now. You’re home and safe. YOU SUCK!!!!!

  31. Burgdhal doesn’t deserve recognition, if he still retains the NCO rank it needs to be removed along with any back pay he received or is due to receive while he was “staying with” the Taliban.
    The Dishonorable is a given, even if he avoided prison.

    He walked off his post, and Soldiers were tasked with finding him, 6 died. He is guilty of their deaths.

    NO, I would rather he just walk away, I don’t believe he has the balls to try and claim a POW medal. If he did, I would be happy to remove it from him.

  32. There is nothing I need to say that everyone doesn’t already know, But if we were able to vote, on a single issue, if he should be awarded a POW medal, the answer is a simple NO. (He should be serving life in prison, there is nothing “unfair or biased” about the truth)….
    He deserves the electric chair.

  33. No, he should not get a POW award by any means! He deserted his off his post. Soldiers have died & gotten injured looking for him. The fact that he even promoted to Sergeant & that we traded 5 Guantanamo detainees for him is disgusting enough. He should of went to prison. And yes, I agree with the others who earlier commented that back pay should of gone to the families who lost their loved ones looking for Bergdahl.

    1. I think he should also apply for an ass kicking, from each and every member of the seal team that lost their brother for going to save his lousy ass.

  34. He doesn’t deserve any positive recognition, he is a deserter. Real men paid a price to find him! No, he doesn’t get a trophy for being a loser!

  35. He didnt learn or did he honor the 7 core values that you learn let him stay over there with them and never come back to the UNITED STATES

  36. Considering EVERY nazi in this country calls himself a patriot, then I’d say Bergdahl is as much a patriot as the average republican. Which is to say, not at all. All fascists will burn in hell, and the ones who defend them will burn with them and their families.

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