Women's Army Auxiliary Corps

Establishment of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

On May 14, 1942, the 77th Congress passed a bill that would create the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps — giving women the ability to serve our military in non-combat positions. This concept was very progressive at the time and was met with significant opposition. This article will tell you more about how this law came to be and why it’s so important.

The Bill Introduced

As the idea of the United States entering WWII became more likely — and more horrifying — many wondered how the United States could possess the human resources to engage in war. This caused US Representative Edith Nourse Rogers to introduce a bill that would create the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. She presented this bill on May 28, 1941, to empower women and allow them to serve our military in non-combat tasks. Rogers is quoted saying that this bill was essential for two compelling reasons, “The first was to alleviate the acute shortage of manpower. The second was to answer an undeniable demand from American women that they be permitted to serve their country, together with the men of America, to protect and defend their cherished freedoms and democratic principles and ideals.”

Passing of the Bill

Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Poster
Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Poster— Sourced by commons.wikimedia.org

The idea of women serving in the military was radical for the 1940s and thought to be absurd by many Americans. There was much debate from all sides of the political spectrum over the passing of this bill. Some individuals argued it was the obvious thing to do, while others said the bill “cast a shadow on the sanctity of the home.” Nonetheless, on May 14, 1942, the bill was passed by Congress and, on the following day, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed it into law.

Final Remarks

At US Patriot Tactical, we’re grateful for the brave women that fought for our country under the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. They proved to our country that women had a place in the military by making vital contributions that led to an Allied victory in World War II. Their service demands utmost respect and deserves constant recognition.

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