Seven Colors to Three – Updated Pattern for Uniform Identifiers

Updated Uniform IdentifiersThe U.S. Army’s OCP Combat Uniform insignia, badges, and tapes will now feature a lightened 3-tone pattern to increase the legibility of the uniform identifiers, per a press release.

This update was necessary in order to accommodate the spice-brown color embroidery for the Air Force, which did not show well on the Army’s seven-color pattern. Both the seven-color and three-color patterns are authorized for wear by the Army, Air Force, and Space Force; the seven-color will simply be phased out. The reason leading to the change is to accommodate the spice-brown color embroidery since it did not show well on the Army’s seven color standard uniform fabric. With the new standardized uniform, the insignia across the Army, Air Force and Space Force, the Institute of Heraldry and PEO-S worked to transition the Army Insignia, unifying them with a three-color background pattern, compared to the current seven-color pattern. This makes them easier to manufacture as well.

The name and service tapes will keep their block letter stitching in their respective thread colors depending on branch: Black for the U.S. Army, Spice Brown for the Air Force, and Navy Blue for the Space Force.

Updated Uniform Identifiers

The Army and Air Force exchange Service has already begun to transition inventories to the new three-color pattern name and service tapes.

When the updated pattern began dropping into stores in November 2020, there was no date when the seven-color will be completely diminished from stock.


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Updated Uniform Identifiers

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