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REVIEW: Condor Pistol Case

The Condor Pistol Case is designed to be minimal, yet functional. Coming in at only 12 inches wide, 10 inches tall, and 2.5 inches thick, all the right stuff is packed into a nice package.

Condor Overview

Condor got its beginnings trying to entice people to get outside and experience nature with its camping goods. The company drew inspiration from the condor, one of nature’s most efficient animals, and aimed to provide the most efficient outdoor gear. Condor’s general-storage gear soon gave way to function-focused gear. As the company puts it, Condor went from making camping vests to making tactical vests.

Condor Pistol Case Specs

The Condor Pistol Case comes in your typical tactical colors of OD green, black, and coyote. The case has numerous great features. Best of all, it is modular! Every case has a universal holster with a wrap-around hook, loop strap, nylon retention cord, 4” x 5” utility pouch, flashlight/multi-tool pouch, and 2” x 4” elastic band keeper. The lockable zipper and wrap-around webbing carry handle keeps everything safe, while also providing a sturdy grip for transportation. A small front pouch can hold an ID or a label placard for whatever handgun is inside.

A padded divider keeps your handgun safe from extra magazines that may be stored in one of the six slots located inside the case. Three additional small pouches provide even more storage opportunities. Additionally, there’s a document pouch in the rear of the case.

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A Closer Look

The Condor Pistol Case is a great combination of form and function. The hook-and-loop interior makes it possible to store a variety of items in many different ways. You also have the opportunity to buy accessories to add to your case. However, despite the quarter-inch of padding, the case is a soft-shell. So, if you drop something onto the case, or drop the case itself, there is the possibility that the contents will get damaged.

In Condor’s product photos, you see a Sig Sauer P226, and its holster strap appears to close at the top of the slide. I used a P2022 to replicate the image, and the strap could hardly reach the bottom of the slide. This is something to keep in mind when you have a bigger-body handgun. The case is a little tight on space, with the utility pouch taking up a lot of the extra room after you get your handgun situated.

The little 2” x 4” elastic keeper is not particularly useful. While it could keep a knife, users are much more likely to carry a knife in their pocket, rather than in the pistol case. The flashlight/multi-tool pouch is nice and allows you to bring even a larger multi-tool that comes with various weapons tools. While the case is lacking space when you have all the included accessories inside, once you remove the big pouch and elastic keeper, you could fit another handgun inside. You would even still have room for the flashlight and multi-tool pouch. That right there is a big win, especially since the elastic bands on the opposite side allow for three magazines each.

The Bottom Line

This case is well suited for someone looking for inconspicuous storage for a handgun or for the minimalist shooter (meaning a person who buys ammunition as needed when hitting the range). With enough space for two handguns once you remove the big storage pouch, the loop panels allow for unlimited possibilities. Considering the number of accessories included with the case and the relatively low price tag, the Condor Pistol Case is a great deal. You can pick one up here.

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Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.


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