cold weather military boots

Cold Weather Military Boots

When you’re in the military, there’s a good chance you’ll have to endure freezing conditions. And when the weather is frigid, a good pair of military cold weather boots are essential to perform your best (and prevent frostbite).

It’s pretty easy to recognize the need for boots when it’s cold outside, but finding the right pair can be a bit more challenging. To help in your search, we’ve created a list of what features to look for when buying cold weather boots and which boots we recommend purchasing.

What Makes a Good Military Cold Weather Boot? 

There are many things to consider when purchasing extreme cold weather combat boots. There are the obvious factors—like the ability to keep your feet warm—as well as some less thought of aspects. Below we’ll point out some features you’ll definitely want in your pair of military cold weather boots. 


In general, the thing that separates a cold weather boot from any other combat boot is the amount of insulation. You’ll want to get a boot that’s heavily insulated, so your feet stay warm in all kinds of temperatures. 


Rain, snow, and slushy ice are all very real possibilities that often come with cold weather. And it’s fundamental that feet stay dry in order to keep them warm. For this reason, we recommend getting a military boot that’s waterproof.


Military winter boots must be stable, grippy and provide ultimate traction. We say this because you’ll want a boot that can take you through slippery rocks and icy surfaces with confidence and sureness of footing. 

Our Extreme Cold Weather Combat Boot Lineup 

garmont T8 bootGarmont T8 Extreme GTX Boots

The Garmont T8 Extreme GTX Boots were designed to ensure comfort and warmth in extreme conditions. It’s engineered with GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort, a waterproof material that allows for outdoor usage in wet and cold conditions, and features a Vibram sole for strong traction and stability. 

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tactical research bootTactical Research Khyber 400g Thinsulate™ Boots 

If you’re looking for a waterproof extreme cold weather combat boot that was made for the US Army — this is the boot for you. AR 670-1 compliant, it has a water and bloodborne pathogen proof membrane to ensure protection from frigid temperatures, rain, snow, and even infection. This boot also has a VIBRAM® Ibex rubber outsole that delivers unparalleled gripping power and a TR-1® load bearing orthotic insole and shock absorbing midsole that reduces fatigue.

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belleville coyote bootsBelleville Waterproof Assault Flight Boots 

The Belleville Waterproof Assault Flight Boot is engineered with waterproof GORE-TEX fabric and authentic cowhide leather and features a heel bumper to help in any situation where crawling and climbing is necessary. Authorized to be worn with OCP uniforms in the United States Air Force and United States Army, the more modern and aggressive look of these boots will make you stand out in formation.

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belleville insulated bootsBelleville Cold Weather 600g Thinsulate™ Insulated Boots 

Featuring 600 grams of ThinsulateTM, the Belleville Cold Weather Insulated Waterproof Boot provides maximum insulation. It also offers the Vibram® 360° FIRE & ICE outsole that is specifically designed to never harden — even in the coldest conditions.

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lowa gtx bootsLowa® R-8s GTX Patrol Boots 

The Lowa R-8s Patrol Boot is both waterproof and breathable, with a split leather/fabric upper and GORE-TEX performance liner that repels moisture and microbes that protects and provides lasting comfort in any environment. LOWA’s patented Patrol outsole features 5mm deep lugs to give you superior slip-, oil-, fuel-, heat-, and cold-resistance on any and all terrain.

This boot was designed to meet United States Air Force and United States Army standards, as it is both AR 670-1 and AF136-2903 compliant.

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