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How to Find the Best Military Vacation Deals

When you’re in the military, vacations can be an incredibly important time to take a breath and relax with your family. Thanks to some great military vacation deals, you can do it without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to start planning your R&R.

Book a Stay in a Military Vacation Resort

The American Forces Vacation Club is known for its $359, week-long resort deal. The site is dedicated to giving military members and their families the best possible vacations at great rates. They currently offer resort stays in places like The Bahamas, Greece, Portugal, and a ton of locations throughout the U.S.

Check Military Flights and Hotels

If you’re feeling adventurous, grab seats on a Space-Available (Space-A) flight. If there are leftover seats on a military flight, you can fly for free or almost free on these flights. Make note of the two stipulations. First, most of these flights are going to military bases only, so you’ll need to plan your vacation around landing there instead of a commercial airport. Second, there are various levels of priority on these flights as well as unpredictable seat availability.  

Get Military Discounts on Events Once You’re There

vacationMake sure you have lots to do while you’re on vacation. Check out sites like Vet Tix, which offers military members free tickets to events like concerts, sporting events, and more. All you have to do is prove your military service and pay a small delivery fee.

Always Ask About Discounts

By now, you probably already know that many places give military discounts. Just because it’s not advertised doesn’t mean it’s not available, so be sure to ask when you’re booking or getting quotes. Even big-name websites like Expedia have great deals on military vacation rentals and flights.

Start Packing Your Bags

Once you’re done booking, take a deep breath and start packing your bags! Your regular deployment bag can hold a lot and is perfect for packing for multiple people for a whole week, and don’t forget to add a unique luggage tag so that your bags can find their way back to you if they get lost.

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