Best MOLLE Gear for Use on Duty

When you’re in the field, you can’t be left wishing you had more gear. That’s why understanding what MOLLE system options you have is so important. 

If you need a primer, MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. It’s a system that gives your gear the ability to extend its storage or modulations, and is easily identified by the webbing on the outside of the gear. This webbing is called PALS webbing— Pouch Attachment Ladder System.

For those on duty, these systems, or MOLLE attachments, can help provide easy and secure ways to attach a variety of important tools like magazine pouches, first aid kits and tactical knives. To help, we’ve listed some of the best MOLLE gear for use while on duty.

MOLLE Pouch by High Speed Gear

molle pouchFor smaller equipment storage needs, you can’t beat MOLLE pouches by High Speed Gear. The Mini MOLLE Radio Utility Pouch is perfect for items like GPS, binoculars or a night optical device. This version comes in multicam, black or coyote, meaning it’s perfect for those in law enforcement or military service.

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MOLLE Panel by Condor

molle panelWhen you need more room to add additional pouches, a MOLLE panel can be a great option—and Condor makes some of the best MOLLE attachments. The Condor VA Modular Panel has three rows of webbing, just enough to give you the customization for any mission.

MOLLE Backpack by Eberlestock

eberlestock packIt doesn’t get more heavy duty than the Eberlestock Destroyer Pack. The tactical backpack is loaded with features making it versatile enough for most environments. To keep your gear protected, and the backpack able to withstand years of abuse, the pack is constructed with 1000D Cordura Nylon fabric. Plus, there’s a built in Rain Cover that can be deployed from a base pocket to keep your gear dry. And if you are looking for a MOLLE system, the backpack features both an internal and external webbing for plenty of MOLLE attachments. This bag is tough and can transform to meet any demands.

MOLLE Holster by Condor

molle holsterThe Condor Vertical MOLLE Holster is designed to allow you to carry your weapon any way you would like. It’s perfect for mounting on a vest, belt or any gear with MOLLE webbing. This holster features a wrap-around design to fit most pistols and the retention system comes with an additional hook and loop strap to keep your weapon secure.

MOLLE First Aid Pouch by North American Rescue

molle first aidLifesaving gear shouldn’t be left at home due to a lack of storage space. When in the field, you can’t cut corners, which is why first aid MOLLE gear is a must. The North American Rescue Individual Kit CCRK packs enough storage that you’re covered to care for any type of combat injury. This module was designed with survival in mind and can easily attach to any MOLLE system.

While MOLLE gear isn’t hard to use, you do want to take the time to find the perfect configuration. We hope that our list gives you the best starting point, and browse our full list of MOLLE gear for an even larger assortment of high quality MOLLE gear.


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