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You Can Care About More Than One Thing at the Same Time (As If You Didn’t Already Know) | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

You Can Care About More Than One Thing at the Same Time (As If You Didn’t Already Know)

Cecil the lion. Cecil the G D lion. I don’t remember my social media blowing up since before…well…since before the day it happened when people were upset about something else. The only thing unique about everyone being upset over this lion being killed is the fact that so many people were upset, that people seemed to care less about other tragedies and that the media is lying to you (obviously, wake up sheeple). Apparently we’re only allowed to be upset at one thing at a time.

Except, No, We Totally Fucking Can Be

This should go without saying, but the backlash on social media in regards to what people can and cannot care about is, without question, a silly thing to dictate to another human being. Simply expressing sorrow at an animal that was killed does not mean you’re incapable of showing empathy for human life. Caring about one thing does not lessen the amount that you care about something else. To think that it does cheapens the idea of the human spirit. That’s like saying you can only love your mother or father, not both. That’s a crazy thing to say because feelings are not finite resources we use to power our emotions.

Different Stories, Different Reactions

The attacks on our servicemen had a clear ending. The guy who shot them is dead. That is the end of the story. The only thing to do is to mourn and remember our dead and wounded, which major media and blogs did, find the motive behind it and what we can do moving forward. The motive is still questionable due to the suspect being killed. Maybe he was an Islamic extremist? Maybe he was mentally ill? Maybe both? There was action taken after the shootings though. Multiple states have taken steps in order to protect our troops from harm, including arming them even though, statistically, you’re safer on a military base than you are walking the streets. This is the story and there really is no more to it. It’s something shitty that happened. You can only mourn and report on something so long before it becomes redundant. People move on and that’s OK.

Planned ParenthoodThe Planned Parenthood videos are, again, a different story. Sad? Yes. But it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Again, major media outlets, along with the blogosphere, have covered it extensively. There is not and never has been a shortage of coverage about this. However, unlike our service members being murdered, this is a little bit murkier. There is some debate about creative editing that is being covered by the left leaning blogs; with the right leaning blogs pushing the horrors of what transpired through their soapbox. In case you don’t have time to watch 12 hours of video, take a look at this break down from factcheck.org and decide for yourself. Even with these doubts about what actually happened, multiple Presidential candidates, along with other members of the government, have pushed for either defunding Planned Parenthood or looking more closely at the allegations. Something is being done. This is not sitting idly by and ignored.

This fucking lion. The situation is complicated, but it boils down to this. Palmer most likely lured this lion out of the park and then killed it. Once it was killed, there was an attempt to destroy evidence. To understand why there was such a social media outcry on this is because this isn’t something that people just…get. People get that people are murdered. People get that abortion is a thing. There was sadness when those 5 service members were killed. There was, and still is, outrage over the Planned Parenthood videos. Killing this lion however, it’s just a “What the fuck is this? Fuck this guy.” thing that the average person could do something about. Social media isn’t going to solve terrorism. It’s not going to solve your opinion on abortion. But it can solve this social injustice. Regardless of your opinion of hunting, Palmer is the hunter equivalent of a picture message at 3 am from your ex-boyfriend. A dick. And If there’s something social media loves to do, it’s expose a dick.

Don’t Be Silly

So to conclude, no, exposing someone who’s an asshole does not mean you don’t care about dead Marines. It does not mean you don’t care about what’s happening at Planned Parenthood. And no, the media is not hell bent on covering up stories because they’re a part of some grand illuminati conspiracy, because that’s crazy. The only people trying to cover up a news story are those that tried to shame others into not caring about a lion because they think being upset by something that isn’t as upsetting as other things that are upsetting is upsetting to the point of being even more upset than what originally made them upset because others are upset by something else that is upsetting. See how silly that sounds?

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Mark Wasson

Mark spent 7 years in the Minnesota National Guard as a combat medic. When's he's not busy losing friends, he's drinking with his dog. Befriend him on Facebook or follow him on a Twitter that he doesn't use.
Mark Wasson

2 thoughts on “You Can Care About More Than One Thing at the Same Time (As If You Didn’t Already Know)

  1. You have a colorful way of making sense Mark. I used to enjoy hunting, before age intervened. I hunted for food and to control vermin, pests and threats to livestock. I have never been much into hunting for sport, but I recognise that others are and don’t begrudge them their pleasure as long as they do so responsibly.

    But, as the word ‘hunting’ implies, we are not merely talking about ‘target practice’ on a semi-tame animal lured out of a sanctuary. What this guy did with the lion does not, and never has, come under the definition of ‘hunting’. It amounts to little more than shooting a captive zoo lion through the proverbial bars of its cage. And what makes it worse is that this guy’s reckless indifference has provided ‘ammunition’ for the ill-informed to attack every responsible hunter. Shame on him!

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