Why You Shouldn’t Get Caught Up In Conspiracy Theories

I’ll never understand why people bring up conspiracies like Jade Helm, 9/11 or that Nicki Minaj might be a lizard person. I’ll never understand it because there’s so much that we know about that we can actually prove. Let’s face it, the US government can’t keep a secret and they document everything because that’s what bureaucrats do. To me, the actual things we’ve done are far scarier than anything Alex Jones talks about.

We Supplied Arms to Terrorists

This is convoluted, so hold on. This started out as a trade for American hostages in Lebanon, which seems like a noble cause until we get into the lunacy that transpired. The plan was for Israel to send weapons to Iran, the US would then resupply Israel and take the money that the Iranians gave Israel. In return, the Iranians who received the arms would try their best (scouts honor) to free the American hostages. Keep in mind; during this time, Iran was at war with Iraq who the US was also supplying with weapons.

So far, at least the intentions of the executive branch, who were the ones controlling this deal, are defendable in light of the fact that they were trying to bring Americans back home. The deal takes a nasty turn however, when Col. Oliver North decided to divert the funds to a group called the Contras; a terrorist organization who was fighting communists in Nicaragua because it’s more important to stop the spread of Marxism than it is to, you know, be a decent person.

You’d think that people would get in trouble over this deal, being that the United freakin’ States was supplying not one but two terrorist groups. Certainly, there were charges brought against multiple people but the highest sentence received were two people who were fined and sentenced to probation. That’s because the other 11 people involved were either pardoned by President George H. W. Bush, given immunity in order to testify or one lucky fellow who had his conviction overturned.

ConspiracyWe Like Giving Diseases To Minorities

Most people have heard of the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.”, which holy shit racist much? The study was to infect hundreds of African-American males with syphilis without telling them and only give treatment to about 200 of the 600 participants. This was done in the name of science, because men in lab coats are hard to say no to. While this is already cartoonishly evil, they didn’t even give proper treatment to the ones they were treating and kept the experiment going for 40 years. When the experiment was ended and the government was rightfully sued, because seriously fuck that shit, the victims were awarded with $10 million dollars and lifelong treatment. Yay?

What most people don’t know is we totally did that to Guatemalans, again, in the name of science (damn science, you scary). Researchers paid prostitutes infected with syphilis and other STDs to have sex with soldiers, mental patients and prisoners. When the money ran out, the researchers pulled a Tuskegee and started inoculating them with diseases. Apparently Guatemalan prostitutes are either really expensive or someone didn’t put enough money in the infecting brown people with syphilis via prostitute fund. When this experiment was eventually shut down due to excessive maniacal laughter and angel tears, no money was paid to the victims because they weren’t Americans or fighting communists.

So, there’s no need to worry about conspiracies because the US government can’t hide shit. Instead of accusing the government of planning 9/11 or wanting to put people in FEMA internment camps, you should be worrying about the fact that, even when our government does blatantly illegal and evil things, no one is ever punished. Have a good day.

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