Why the GOP Won’t Win in 2016

3 months ago I was about as happy as a Republican can be. I thought we had this next election tied up, personal accountability would reign supreme over the land and Hillary Clinton would still have bad ideas but no longer be in a position of power. Then…something happened. Something shit all over the utopia of the free market society I had in my head. We’re going to lose this next election, and it won’t be because of the Democrats. It will be because of us.

We Aren’t United

For the Democrats, you’ve got liberal and more liberal. It’s pretty easy for them to blend and create some hybrid juggernaut to run headfirst into this next election. For the Republicans, you’ve got Republicans, Religious Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers and just plain crazy people. And with some of the recent rulings by the SCOTUS, events in South Carolina, and in a broader sense racism and equality, we’re at odds with one another. We’re a party in disarray with every side calling every other side a RINO (Republican In Name Only), crazy people telling everyone who disagrees with them to get out of the country and Donald Trump talking about carpet bombing oil fields because that’s the kind of thing someone who ran four of his companies into the ground would say.

We’ve Been Lied To

Some people believe being a Republican means you don’t want gays to get married, people to have abortions or think evolution shouldn’t be taught in school (or at least have creationism taught alongside). Being a Republican also isn’t about keeping illegal aliens out. It’s not about complaining about how our country is being taken away from us or falsely claiming that our guns are going to be taken away. None of that has anything to do with being a Republican, because it’s missing the bigger picture of what a Republican is.

RepublicanWhile the rise of the Christian Right united Republicans 20 years ago, it’s now almost an archaic belief. Instead of “protecting” our rights, it’s now about withholding the rights of others. Being a Republican isn’t about what your religious beliefs are. It’s about cutting government waste. It’s about individuals controlling what they want to do and keeping the government interference to a minimum.

And the Tea Party almost got it. Almost. Government waste is out of control. Cutting taxes and ending government intrusion? Sure, great ideas. I’m on board. What’s that? Oh shit…they also think “family values” (Christianity as they understand it) are the rule of law and that illegal aliens (read brown people) are just the worst. They also thought they could bring about change by shutting the government down. They threw a temper tantrum in the middle of Congress like a child not getting a toy at Target. Is this what a Republican is? People who try to dictate to other people how to live their personal lives and refusing to work with other people?

We’ve turned into a party of a bunch of whiners who are crying about how things aren’t like they were in the 50’s, and it’s because we let people like Ted Cruz and Rick Perry spew nonsense that will get us fired up. If we took the social issue aspects out of being a Republican, we’d have this next election tied up in a neat little bow on top of the gift of personal responsibility.

What’s Going To Happen?

The Democrats will consolidate power, but the Republicans are going to splinter into two groups: one side will understand that the only way to get stuff done is to work with Democrats about some things, and the other is going to be the people that have gone off the rails. And we will lose. We will not have an impact and it’s because we let hatred, oppression and fear mongering blind us.

Then it’s going to be at least 4 more years of Democrats doing Democrat things, and that makes me sad because being a Republican isn’t about complaining that someone else has rights. It’s not about whining that your “heritage” is being taken away, it’s not about being scared of brown people and it sure isn’t about oppressing people. We’re Republicans dammit. We need to cut taxes and let people do what they want to do, not cry about how the gays aren’t whistlin’ Dixie.

Do you agree or disagree? Say something. Debate is important because…America.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Mark Wasson

Mark spent 7 years in the Minnesota National Guard as a combat medic. When's he's not busy losing friends, he's drinking with his dog. Befriend him on Facebook or follow him on a Twitter that he doesn't use.
Mark Wasson

6 thoughts on “Why the GOP Won’t Win in 2016

  1. you couldn’t be more wrong on some important points. You think you are being reasonable, but you are only echoing the same falsehoods as the Media and corrupt sold out politicians are. Maybe you need to think it over another minute before you paint such a wide brush. You failed to mention any of the important issues we are facing. Instead you just attack the messengers. You’re not as intelligent as you think and probably could not withstand a 10 minute debate on a real topic.

  2. If you could be a little less vague with your accusations and provide some actual feedback that would be awesome. I’m more than open to have a discussion but making blanket statements about how I’m a parrot for the media and how stupid I am doesn’t really clear the way for an honest and open discussion about the state of the GOP.

    With that being said, thanks for taking the time to read this and at least open some sort of dialog.

  3. I think you aced this article. The GOP has devolved (excuse the pun) into a carnival of religious right talking points. I used to believe in Republican principles but these days they are no where to be found. Fiscal responsibility? Since I have been alive, the deficit has always skyrocketed under GOP presidents, and decreased under the opposition. Smaller, less intrusive government? The spy programs put into place by Bush that record our every communication are still in place to this day. If the GOP spent 1/10 of the energy on what used to be core beliefs as it spends on trying to legislate morality, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Interesting read, really surmises what seems to be happening in the Republican Party. I can’t stand whiners, but I do enjoy a good rant.

  5. thanks to all who shared their thoughts. For me, myself and i, telling everybody how my team sucks only inspires the other side to pick out single targets. I’ll admit to being a lousy team player but I’m not going to tell the other side where to beat me

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