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Why Shouldn't Everyone Own a Flamethrower? | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Why Shouldn’t Everyone Own a Flamethrower?

For personal and home defense, the largest handgun, rifle or shotgun pales in effectiveness when compared to a personal flamethrower. Ion Productions has started a crowdfunding campaign to bring it into the home; at least in the 49 states that it is currently legal to own one in.

Strangely enough, Ion Productions doesn’t list home defense as one of the uses for its handheld flamethrower. It does list:

  • clearing snow/ice
  • eliminating weeds between pavement cracks
  • controlled burns/ground-clearing of foliage/agricultural
  • insect control
  • pyrotechnic event displays
  • bonfire starting
  • a fun device to enjoy with friends

The IndieGoGo campaign has already surpassed its $40,000 goal and there is still just under a month left in the campaign to raise money. To get yours, it will only cost $699, unless you want the polished aluminum or powder coated version; those are a bit pricier.

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, wished they had a flamethrower that they could carry with them to handle all of those little household chores that seem to just pile up? I can see this handy device being a wonderfully warm way to clear up messes and remove those little problems in and around the home.

The Washington Post – those party poopers – see a different side of it, though: “What dude doesn’t enjoy kicking back a few tall boys, watching the game and then risking months of painful Flamethrower Siderecovery in the burn unit for a little snow-melting with the guys, right?” Popular Science brought up the international war crimes aspect of owning the XM-42, and they are technically correct – although that covers the use of flamethrowers by the military and not by civilians.

Flamethrowers are legal to own in every state but Maryland. You can own one in California, but you have to get a special license. Anyone who purchases and uses one of these, however, should probably check in with local law enforcement, just to let them know what you are doing. A confrontation between the police and a flamethrower-wielding person would probably not go down well.

I am not sure how I feel about this.

Although I applaud Ion Production’s ability to think outside of the box, I do see a raft of lawsuits and legislation landing around the owners of these devices. Especially the first time one lands in the hands of a minor or is used to start a major fire.

This goes a bit beyond owning a firearm and the damage that could be caused, accidentally or intentionally, with one of these devices is staggering. There might be a reason that no one else has marketed a handheld flamethrower that is so easy and convenient to use prior to this.

Personally, I have never wanted to own a personal flamethrower, but I can see the appeal. I just hope that every person who buys one (especially those that might live near me) is a responsible adult who uses them for the express reason they were made.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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1 thought on “Why Shouldn’t Everyone Own a Flamethrower?

  1. My recommendation is to check with your insurance company before you consider buying one. You may find that using it may void your home insurance and possibly also your life and health insurance. It might also be worth a visit to your lawyer to find out about your liability to your neighbors and to those passing in the street.

    Last, if you think about the property damage potential of a shotgun when used inside a building, imagine the damage potential of a flamethrower! Add to that the possibility of self-immolation and likely suffocation (flamethrowers quickly consume all the available oxygen in a confined space) and it kind of limits the use of such items for home defense. Indeed, I suspect that if you use one indoors, you may not have much home left!

    All that said, someone is bound to try!

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