Why Mass Shootings Lead to Other Mass Shootings

America is in distress right now from continuous violence and riots, mass shootings and the murdering of innocent people. It’s the snowball effect for what’s going on currently; it seems that one mass shooting leads to another and the violence never ends. Surprisingly, there’s a psychological science to this ‘trend’ if you may, and it needs to be broken. Scientists have been speaking out about the many shootings and why they seem ‘contagious’ to others.

The past month alone, the US dealt with the tragic and most prominent mass shooting in modern times. After this, things spiraled out of control when two officers shot black men in separate incidents, and now officers are being targeted everywhere and are at high risk due to the shootings that have happened in the past 10 days. The riots are increasing, and the government is even at a loss. However, scientists have decoded many reasons as to why one mass shooting creates this nonstop violent aftermath.

AR-15It’s simple; some people are followers. People watch what others do, and get moved by it – in this case, for terrible reasons. When people see news headlines, some get flared up to respond by adding more violence. One physicist by the name of Sherry Towers, who studies how many viruses spread, has defined a mass shooting as being 4+ people. She has determined that after one major shooting happens, there are generally a few smaller ones that follow within a 13-day window from when the first happened. Many times, it’s in response to the original mass shooting.  In her study, she introduced that 20-30% of aftermath shootings are copying the original in some manner.

Studies have also shown that if a child is shown anger at a young age or watched a lot of physical abuse, they end up becoming an abuser many times. In the same mirror but less extreme, if a parent only ever eats fast food the child will only eat fast food as well and in their later years be addicted to it. This all ties in as to why some people may react to copy a mass shooter, though everything is still questionable and not scientifically proven.

In response to scientific data that also demonstrates how media effects these copycat killers or becomes ‘influenced’ by them, the government is cracking down the walls of news and the internet to get people away from seeing the truly terrible attacks that occur in our own country. One way of doing this was considered by the FBI- telling the media to focus less on when there is a mass shooting. When a mass shooting happens, the shooter, if still alive, becomes notorious and famous. Unfortunately, some people crave that for the wrong reason and will do it just ‘for fun.’

While many people back this campaign, it is inevitable. Everyone will find out and social media is the quickest way in which people see that a domestic tragedy has happened. Some theorists even believe that it could be subconscious- something someone just wakes up and decides to do. Everyone has their own psychological response to when something like this happens, but a few turn to deadlier options as a way to retaliate, especially when there is a movement of some kind going on. People tend to follow, and science is treading closely behind.

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Natalie Applegate

Natalie is a freelance writer working for multiple websites and is a devoted military spouse to an aircraft electrician. She started in New Mexico then moved to Okinawa for six years, stationed on Kadena where she began her writing career. A mental health awareness activist, she has spent much of her time volunteering with combat vets and writing their stories.
Natalie Applegate

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