Why I Would Encourage Anyone Who Wants To Serve In the Military to Do So

It is a dangerous time to be in service in the US Military, or for any military in the world for that matter. These are some of the most dangerous times that have been seen in the world since WWII. With China and Russia flexing their significant military muscles and the emergence of organized and effective terrorist fighting forces such as the Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, it is no small wonder why any parent would discourage their children from joining up to serve. It is a dangerous time in the world to say the least. But with that being said, being in the military is about more than risking your life at times, and I think any young man or woman should strongly consider doing it if given the chance.

First of all, people don’t look at the military as being a peaceful solution to any crisis, but that is exactly what they are. They are a huge deterrent to anyone that wants to threaten world peace with aggressive actions. I shudder to think what a huge mess the world would be if countries with strong militaries like the USA were not present in the world and did not use that presence to keep small clashes from escalating into major wars.

US SaluteFor those that do not see the humanitarian side of the armed services, they need to look at the American response to such disasters as the Tsunami in Asia, the Super Typhoon in the Philippines and the earthquakes in Nepal and Haiti as prime examples of how the military is used in a way that is highly beneficial to our fellow man. It creates a lasting bond between the natives of those regions and the military personnel that so graciously and unselfishly helped them in a time of need.

The military is not just for training for war and fighting side by side either; yes its true there is no stronger bond, I think, than what I have seen between men who have fought in war together (I can only guess because I never saw action in my four years in the Air Force, and I will not pretend to have done something that I have not) but there is also a bond between those that didn’t fight too. I still keep in touch with my military friends that I served with over 30 years ago. There is also the camaraderie of playing organized sports, the training and working together to achieve set goals and the ability to explore the world on occasion and see just how good we Americans have it in the world.

One thing I do know for sure is that one of the proudest moments of my life was graduating from basic training and marching in parade to the Air Force Anthem and the National Anthem to celebrate my graduation into the military. Yes there is danger in the world for today’s military members, but there is danger in the world that comes from not acting too. The truth is, most of the military members that serve do come home, and when they do they come home prouder, better and more respectful young men and women for having served their country.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Craig Smith

Craig has been writing for several years but just recently made freelance writing a full time profession after leaving behind 26 years working in the swimming pool construction industry. He served four years in the US Air Force as an Imagery Interpreter Specialist in Okinawa, Japan and at SAC Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. As a staunch supporter of law enforcement personnel, emergency medical technicians, firemen, search and rescue personnel and those who serve in the military, Craig is proud to contribute to the US Patriot blog on their behalf.
Craig Smith

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