What Your Cut Means

By far the second looked at regulation next to the uniform is the haircut. The cut will tell you just who the soldier is almost. With a clear-cut – haha funny – set of regulations soldiers will always push it, it’s just natural.

The Basic

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If you didn’t get it just by the name then what rock do you live under? The basic is simple, it’s that full head shave you get when going through basic training. The easiest to maintain, the quickest to get in a rush before a check, and but the worst of them all. Why is it the worst? It easily is most popular outside of basic among the “jarheads” of the forces. Those who are just a bit too gung-ho and need to be knocked down. We all know that guy, the one who says the actual Jarhead movie fifty times and went down to the recruiting office and signed up.

The High and Tight

Seen mostly in the Marine Corps, the high and tight consists of a skin-tight shave on the back and sides and a short cut top usually just on top of the crown. This cut also screams Jake Gyllenhaal is my idol. Easily these soldiers are the second most gung-ho and want to push the limit just a little.

The Ice Man

If you haven’t seen Top Gun and don’t know what I am talking about then I want you to stop reading this and go watch the movie because you live so far under a rock you are probably Patrick Star. The Ice Man is also commonly referred to as “The Pilot”. Sides so long they just almost touch the ears and a top so long it almost always meets regulation limits. These soldiers usually actually are pilots or want to be pilots. They are also the chilled-out ones that bought into the fad that sprung up for combovers but want to push beyond the next cut.

The Operator

Worn by all the cool guys running around with beards and made popular by movies for sure. This cut consists of a fade medium to medium-high with a combed-over top that sits at the crown of the head. Worn by those who want to make the group, or get that green beret, or hog’s tooth. Probably the most popular cut of the current age and the classiest for sure. The best part about this cut is all the hipster adopted it along with the beards so you can easily blend in and pretend to be a different profession once you dawn the uniform.

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