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What to Look for in a Women’s Tactical Boot

Any woman who serves knows that finding the right boot for your foot can be a challenge. Sure, you want to find something that’s right for your mission and that fits comfortably – but you also need to consider your biomechanics. That’s because many women’s boots are first designed for men and then modified instead of being designed specifically for women. Here’s what should be considered before making your decision.

How Are Women’s Feet Different? 

A woman’s foot isn’t just smaller, there are unique biomechanical differences that you should take into account when you’re looking for the right tactical boot.


Women tend to have higher arches than men, which means they may need extra support in that area of the foot. Since not all combat boots come with built in arch support, you may want to consider an after-market insert.


Women tend to have narrower heels than men. Women’s tactical boots will take this into account to a certain degree, but if you still find your heel slipping you should consider finding an alternative way to tie your boot to get a more custom fit.


Everyone’s foot expands as they walk, but the degree that the forefoot expands can vary much more widely from woman to woman than it does man to man. That means that a women’s boot that has enough room in the toe box for one woman may not have enough room to accommodate another’s foot expansion, so be sure to take that into consideration.

The Best Combat Boots for Women

The good news is there are plenty of great women’s tactical boots for women in the military, law enforcement, and public service. Here are three of our favorites.

Corcoran Women’s 10” Marauder Boots 

corcoran women's bootsThe Women’s Corcoran Marauder Boot is one of our customer favorites, and it’s easy to see why. It features an independent toe box to accommodate extra foot expansion as well as a scientifically developed ergonomic form. The ankle has both the flexibility to keep you mobile and an external support to keep you safe. Plus, you’ll find a removable X-Static polyurethane insert to provide some structure and comfort on your arches. Combine all that with the moisture wicking properties and you have one superior boot on your hands (or feet).

Reebok Women’s Sublite 8″ Military Boot 

reebok women's bootsBuilt for speed and agility, the Reebok Sublite boots are lightweight while still providing excellent protection. Incredibly comfortable thanks to the grooved Sublite foam midsole and the ultra lightweight construction, it’s also a safe boot with an ankle height that’s high enough to be both flexible and supportive and a full rubber outsole to give you reliable traction.

Available in USAF and US Army approved Coyote tan, it’s easy to see why these are so popular among our customers.

Reebok Women’s Hyper Velocity Soft Toe Military Boots

military women's bootsThe Reebok Women’s Hyper Velocity Boot is breathable, comfortable, and safe when you’re out on a mission. They’re designed to enhance performance and stealth in any environment, but especially arid ones. Their nonslip soles and high ankles make them both safe and supportive, and the boots are authorized for OCP uniforms for the Army and USAF as well as Multicam uniforms for the Army.

We always recommend you try out your boots before you wear them in the field. Walk, run, jump and move around in them for about 30 minutes to make sure they fit properly and don’t cause pain anywhere, and be sure to do this inside to avoid damaging the boot before use on duty.

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