What Are the Russians Up To Now?

There is news out about a big new military purchase by the Russians – and no it’s not missiles, high tech bombs or even anything mechanical. So what is this big new purchase? The Russian Defense Ministry has just ordered five bottlenose dolphins from the country’s dolphinarium in Moscow. This move has a lot of people guessing what the Russian Defense Ministry is up to with these mammals.

Just recently I wrote an article on America’s newest drone, Ghost Swimmer (formerly named ‘Robo Tuna’), which is a drone that looks and swims like a huge fish. It’s capable of doing everything from inspecting the bottom of ships to scouting foreign shores for enemy combatants. Maybe the Russian’s are just trying to take things one step further? Drone technology is getting better but it has a long way to go to catch up to these fleet swimming mammals that have superior echo sounding capabilities and are easily trained.

What were the main conditions of sale? Only that the three male and two female dolphins had a complete set of teeth and there was no mucus evident in their blow holes. Who knows, maybe their military mission will involve some biting?

All kidding aside, dolphins have been trained ever since the cold war to do various military operations. As a matter of fact, at one time the Russians had a huge dolphin training facility in Crimea that was turned over to the Ukrainians at the time of the collapse of the former Soviet Union. The program survived in Ukraine by using the dolphins that were left for civil purposes such as helping disabled children.

Russian DolphinsIt was rumored that a few years back the Ukrainians started training the dolphins for military purposes again. It’s possible the Russians stumbled onto something when they basically walked in and took the Crimean Peninsula back from the Ukrainians a few years ago. During their massive land grab, they also retook control of the dolphin training facility. Not coincidently, the new dolphins the Russian military is acquiring will be sent to Crimea too.

The United States military is no stranger when it comes to acquiring and training dolphins either. There have been many rumors that have gone around about what America has been training its large stock of dolphins for.

It’s no secret that some of the dolphins have been used in the past to protect American warships in port (presumably from attacks by enemies in diving gear) and it was also acknowledged they were used to provide security at the 1996 Republican Convention which took place at a waterside venue in San Diego. Dolphins also have a history of clearing mines in the Persian Gulf and one Navy Seal wrote in his memoirs about training to fight off attacking dolphins.

No one really knows for now what the Russians are up to with the dolphins. Don’t be surprised in the near future though if news comes through that the Russian’s have placed an order for several mature tree sloths; anything to get an edge militarily these days.

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Craig Smith

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Craig Smith

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