Vetrepreneurs You Should Know

Daniel Alarik, CEO – Grunt Style and Alpha Outpost

This former Army Drill Sergeant took an idea, $1200, turned it into $100 million worth of profit from 2014-2017, 300 employees and over 2 million social media followers. Along the way, he had $5000 stolen, needed to find $6000 for a convention just to stay in business and blew his whole marketing budget on a billboard that didn’t drive a single sale. His wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer that almost shut them down multiple times. Through it all, he remembers there is one huge reason businesses fail — and that is that owners quiet and so he never gave up.

Mat Best, CEO – Article 15 Clothing

Once a Ranger, Mat or mbest11x started making YouTube videos 5 years ago that poked at military veteran stereotypes among other things. As his popularity grew he started Article 15 Clothing with 5 other veteran buddies. Recently he teamed up with Ranger Up and raised over $1 million to film Range 15 which featured some well-known actors.

Evan Hafer, CEO – Black Rifle Coffee

With as many years as he has in the service and with SF and as a CIA contractor — I imagine him, and coffee is pretty well acquainted. I imagine him like Terry Crews in The Expendables, sitting in some foreign country brewing a cup of coffee. Black Rifle is a small batch premium roaster with beans imported from Columbia and Brazil. Hafer has recent pledge to hire 10,000 veterans over the next six years in response to Starbucks announcing their pledge to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.

Tyler and Daniel Merritt, Co-Founder – Nine Line Apparel

Cpt. Tyler Merritt and his brother Maj. Daniel Merritt started the Nine Line brand in a garage in 2012. With the help of Tyler’s wife as well the brothers printed, packaged, and shipped everything. Tyler was an Apache pilot for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (AIR ASSAULT!) and Daniel was an MP. From the garage, they moved to a small house and by 2014 they found themselves in downtown Savannah in a small storefront. Less than 10 months later they bought the space next door, six conexes, and two mobile office trailers which still wasn’t enough. They are now the largest printing facility within a 100-mile radius.

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