Vetrepreneur Show Case: Hank Robinson of Hanro Studios

Many veterans looking to get out always mull over owning their own business. Yet when it comes down to it they don’t ever follow through. Did you know that less than 6 percent of veterans are opening businesses?

Hank Robinsons is one of those 6%. Hank served 9 and a half years with the United States Army Infantry. He saw deployments in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. After leaving the Army, Hank discovered is talent and passion for engraving. In 2011 he started Hanro Studios in his garage and is now sharing a 16,000-square foot building. Three years later, Dremel stepped in to sponsor him and his venture. Makes sense considering Dremel makes the best rotary tools and have a lot of purpose designed engraving equipment.

Robinson has stepped up the game and out of the box by engraving the bodies of vehicles. He engraved his own truck, with work on the hood, tailgate, bed cover, wheels and even the rear glass. Everything was of course done freehand using a Dremel. Since doing so Hank has seen the how well his talents and the automotive industry mix. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention his building mate is an automotive paint and body shop.

In 2015 Hank took his talents to SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are an automotive enthusiast like me then you know it is the BIGGEST event of the year where the biggest and best of the industry build crazy things to show off and showcase their talents. He has since been doing live engraving shows in different booths since. His own vehicle was even featured! Not just any vehicle gets picked. Every year at the end of October social media explodes with content and it could make or break you. His vehicle was the one mentioned previously. Dubbed, “A Warrior’s Chariot” the engravings are Viking/Norse theme. In 2016 he brought “Freedom Blues” which was a 2016 F-150 that had the whole body engraved different images of US Army soldiers, a Humvee or two, a couple Blackhawks and even an Apache.

This year we saw a 2017 F-250 Super Duty with a paisley design on the new aluminum body. The truck was of course dubbed “Alumiduty”.

Hank’s success has helped him in his transition and just shows what you can do as long as you set your mind to something and fully invest in it.

All he had was a new-found passion and a garage, and now he is featured in multiple magazines.

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