Veteran-Owned Businesses on the Decline

Did you know that since 9-11 only 4.5 percent of veterans have started a business? After the end of World War II, that number was 49 percent. Are you getting the picture now? According to US Veterans Magazine, 200,000 service members leave duty each month and their potential business employee at least 2 people. Factoring in the 4.5 percent since 9-11 and the fact that there are about 3.6 million service members, there are about 162,000 veteran-owned businesses. Meaning that only 324,000 jobs were created by said 162,000 businesses. If we were doing as well as post-WWII, veteran-owned businesses would have created 3.52 million jobs.

Even after the Korean War, 40% of veterans of the time started businesses. Granted it is 64 years later, but that is a HUGE downfall. Some articles have credited the widely different economy for the vast drop. Todd Connor, a Navy Veteran, and CEO of Bunker Labs says the “all-volunteer” forces of this century are causing vets to be ill-networked for when they get out. Connor says, “[Soldiers] are increasingly isolated from the vast majority of Americans who will not serve in the military.” He isn’t wrong. If you went in straight out of high school think of who you know.. probably only your old high school’s buddies who are all out still acting like kids.

Now imagine you are a college graduate who enlisted. Imagine the wealth of people you met while studying for those 4 years. The ideas you created with those contacts in the business classes you took. Yes, I hear you. I’m referring to the ones say, “well if the idea was that good why did I join the military?” I’m not the one to tell you the true answer but let’s just say it’s because you promised yourself no matter what that you’d join after college whether it be out of true devotion or family history.

Others are also saying more veterans are just getting out, getting jobs and just settling. I can attest to that. It wasn’t until I met my wife and we had our first child that I realized with what little experience I have, I will not be successful unless I go out and create it myself. I settled for darn sure. I am now helping my wife run her bakery and also starting two companies of my own. It doesn’t take much. Just an idea. Even if it is already being done, there is always something that can be done better. That is what we are trained to do. Adapt, overcome, improvise and improve.

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Angelo Pisa

Angelo grew up in California before enlisting in the United States Army in the summer of 2013. After an unfortunate injury, he left the Army in December of 2014. He now spends his time running two growing businesses and is in the process of starting another. His hobbies include sports, anything automotive and firearms.
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