Using Keys for Self Defense

Despite endless mockery by comedians, there’s actually a bit of truth in being able to use common keys as a method of self-defense in the event of an emergency. Generally, keys don’t have much weight and aren’t that sharp, so they should only be used to disable weak spots such as the eyes and neck while you make your escape. While a traditional key is limited in its defense capability, the options become endless once you add a special tool or two to your keychain. It is important to note that there are many things that are more effective than a car or house key for self-defense. Before trusting your life to 2 inches of unsharpened metal, take the time to check if anything else would make a better weapon. Bludgeoning improvised weapons can come in the form of fire extinguishers or anything sturdy enough to swing. Tools such as screwdrivers or ice picks can quickly become deadly self-defense tools. That said, let’s dive into the different types of keys you’ll most likely have on you, and their overall effectiveness.

Key Basics

Many companies have started selling self-defense keychains that can be used more effectively than a simple key. They come in many different forms. Some come as cute keychains that can be used as punching implements. Others are more conspicuous and look like small spikes, like the Stinger from 5ive Star Gear. All of them are designed to give you a small advantage in a potentially life-threatening situation. Just make sure to check your state’s laws before you go and purchase a self-defense keychain. Also, keep in mind that if you try to bring them onto an airplane, there’s a good chance they’re going to get confiscated.

Use the Largest One

If you aren’t able to purchase a self-defense keychain, the largest key on your keychain (preferably with a plastic coated or rounded back) is going to be the ideal weapon. It is important that you do not wield the keys in between your fingers. You’ll wind up hurting yourself, and it’s going to be much less effective than simply holding the key in your fist and jabbing it into your attacker. The goal here is to cause enough pain or injury to disable your attacker long enough to escape. Bring the exposed key down sharply on soft tissue, like the eyes, neck, and groin. Repeat as necessary. Get out of the situation at the first opportunity.

A final note to consider is a bit bulkier, but probably far more effective than any of the options above: keychain pepper spray or taser. I’m not sure if this fits within the scope of using ‘keys’ for defense, but they’re an effective option that can be bought at many sporting or hunting shops. I can’t stress enough that no matter what option you pick, it should always be a last resort. Run at the first opportunity, hide if you can, and only choose to fight when there’s no other option. Stay safe out there!

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