US Patriot Tactical Ranked in the Internet Retailer Second 500 List for Third Year Running

US Patriot Tactical has been awarded a position in Internet Retailer’s Second 500 List for the third year in a row. Moving up each year, US Patriot has progressed to number 569 on this year’s list – up from 667 in 2014 and 625 in 2015. Within the Apparel & Accessories category, US Patriot is ranked 17th out of a total of 111 retailers.

Publishing their list once a year, Internet Retailer takes into account 10 metrics that combine to form a retailer’s “Internet Retailer Performance Score.” With web sales in 2015 as the primary basis for each retailer’s respective place on the list, US Patriot outperformed numerous competitors to climb the list once again.

IR500Making this accomplishment even more impressive is the fact that e-commerce sales represent only a portion of the total revenue of US Patriot Tactical. “What’s impressive is that our website comprises about half of our revenue, and we are being compared against mostly Internet only organizations,” said Paul Yoo, President of US Patriot.

While growing online sales and climbing up the IR500 list, US Patriot also opened five new retail stores in 2015. With a total of 20 retail locations across the country – with a store in each of the five US time zones – US Patriot has shown an impressive ability to grow not only online but also in brick and mortar retail sales. This overall growth from a number of different revenue channels makes the improved ranking even more impressive.

About US Patriot Tactical

Founded in 1999, US Patriot is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. The company serves active duty military and law enforcement personnel via its retail locations and website. With over 70% of its employees coming from all branches of the military or law enforcement, US Patriot truly is “by soldiers, for soldiers.” For more information about US Patriot, visit

US Patriot Tactical

US Patriot is a veteran owned and operated US-based retailer supplying boots, uniforms, apparel and gear to military and law enforcement personnel. By soldiers for soldiers. Visit them online at
US Patriot Tactical

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