US Navy Wants More Ships; Needs Study First

For some years now, military experts and senior officials have been saying that the US Navy does not have enough ships to meet current and future threats. Those assumptions have been largely ignored by the administration and Congress. Until now, that is.

Senior naval officials have recently announced that the Navy plans on asking the Pentagon (and Congress) for more funding in order to purchase more ships. The reason for the increase in ships is the current level of threats that are popping up around the globe, as well as certain nations (namely, China) increasing their own fleets.

Before a formal request can be initiated, however, an analysis of the need must be completed that will focus on why the Navy needs to increase its fleet size above current levels. The goal would be to have 308 ships before the end of this decade.

Navy ShipA Naval officer explained: “In order to be good stewards of taxpayer funds, we need want to make sure that when we go over to the Hill [Congress] to have those conversations – we need to have that analysis that shows that we need more.  That is what we are going to do within the next year.”

One of the main goals of the study will be to examine current and future threats that the Navy may have to confront. According to Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. John Richardson, the Navy is launching this new study to look at increasing the size of the current fleet to address a fast-changing threat environment. The Admiral did not say what results he expects from the study, but he did indicate that the Navy may need to also look deeper into what he calls “a new force structure alignment.”

The timeline for completing the study is prior to the 2018 defense bill budget submission. One can presume that this study will get a lot of press and a great deal of scrutiny as it becomes public.

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Robert Partain

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Robert Partain

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