US Air Force Looking to Build Two New Nuke Projects

On July 29th, the US Air Force may have made new history when it put out requests for industry proposals that would, in essence, bring about a total rebuilding of our nuclear arsenal. The proposals focused on building new fleets of both land-based missiles and air-launched nuclear cruise missiles.

These two new projects are only a part of the broader role of modernizing the nation’s nuclear weapons. This project would take 30 years to complete and cost would run into the hundreds of billions of dollars. It has been reported that the US Congress approves of the plan, but some members have questioned the need to replace the entire “three leg system” of nuclear arms put into place during the Cold War. The three legs are: nuclear submarines, long-range Air Force bombers, and land-based nuclear missiles.

Nuclear LaunchFor its part, the Air Force is in charge of two of these legs: bombers and ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles). ICBMs are stored in underground silos located in five states. In its request, the Air Force asked for proposals that would replace 450 ICBMs, with an estimated cost of $62 billion. The Air Force would like to award contracts next summer, with work to begin by 2027, according to the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.

The main reason for the new missile design is that the current ICBM (the Minuteman 3) was deployed back in 1970, and experts say that it will not be able to withstand air defense systems that will be in use by 2030. The other project would replace the existing AGM-86B cruise missile that was deployed in the 1980s. This project has less support, it seems, as President Obama has already been advised by critics to scrap the project.

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Robert Partain

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Robert Partain

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