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Uniform Guide: OCP Cold Weather Gear

When the weather starts dropping, you need the right gear for the job. Our list of OCP cold weather gear will help keep you warm, comfortable and in OCP uniform regulation.  

Army Custom ECWCS GEN 3 Level 3 Fleece Jacket 

us army ecwcs fleeceA fleece jacket has always been a go-to piece of cold weather gear to throw on quickly, and this jacket fits the bill with its zipper front and two-hand warmer pockets. The Army Custom ECWCS GEN 3 Level 3 Fleece Jacket is breathable, comfortable, and made to adhere to uniform regulations. This OCP fleece jacket is made to last too. Not only is it resistant to shrinking or wrinkling, it’s billed as being 30 times sturdier than your standard civilian fleece.  

Belleville Cold Weather 600G Thinsulate™ Insulated Boots 

belleville cold weather bootsWhen temperatures drop and winter weather bears down, wearing the wrong footwear can be downright dangerous. The waterproof properties and heavy insulation in the Belleville Cold Weather 600G Thinsulate™ Insulated Boots will keep you warm and dry in even the toughest winters. These cold weather boots also have a Vibram 360° FIRE & ICE sole to help keep you from slipping in icy or wet conditions. The sole is specially designed to prevent hardening in cold temperatures – ensuring the boots last.  

Propper Air Force OCP 63/35 Winter Weight Uniform Coat 

propper cold weather jacketStay warm with the Propper Air Force OCP 63/35 Winter Weight Uniform Coat. Made from ripstop material with heavy-duty reinforced elbows, this coat was made to stand up to your toughest jobs. The OCP cold weather jacket isn’t just durable, it’s also functional thanks to the spacious upper sleeve pockets.  

Propper Gen 2 Winter Weight OCP ACU Uniform Pants  

propper cold weather uniform pantsPropper Gen 2 Winter Weight OCP ACU Uniform Pants are approved for active duty use in the US Army and Air Force, featuring forward-tilted cargo pockets with button closures to store what you need for the day. The durable drawstring leg closures and blousing on the leg cuffs will ensure a comfortable fit with your Belleville Cold Weather Boots.  

Customize Your Gear 

Need to customize your OCP military uniform components? Our Uniform Builder makes it easy to add embroidered branch and name tapes as well as a large selection of ranks and badges. You can choose to have us sew everything on to your uniform properly so that it arrives mission ready as well.

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