Trump Administration Slashes U.N. Contributions

The United States has long been a cornerstone of the United Nations. From funding, providing personnel and even being home to the international headquarters the U.N. has long depended on the U.S. for its existence. But the current administration has decided to increase America’s own defenses and some of the money needed to do so will come from funds traditionally earmarked for the U.N.

The United States has always enjoyed close ties with the United Nations. We were instrumental in forming the organization – which is why we hold a permanent seat on the Security Council and the international headquarters in New York City. But the biggest contribution is financial.

The United States contributes approximately 22 percent of the United Nation’s core operating budget of $5.4 billion. Although this figure is higher than any single contributor, it would be difficult for the administration to reduce as it is set by an agreed upon formula and based on a member country’s economy. So the administration has found another way to achieve the savings – by reducing its contribution to peacekeeping missions. President Trump is also requesting cuts to other individual programs, even eliminating US funding altogether, for programs such as the Un Children’s Fund or UNICEF.

United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley

The United Nations currently has 16 peacekeeping mission ongoing around the globe with a 2016 budget of $7.87 billion. The United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has announced this budget is to be cut to $7.3 billion, a savings of $500 million. Ms. Haley reported the US will save $150 million due to this reduction. Future plans are to reduce the US peacekeeping contribution from 28% to no more than 25%.

As for the other programs facing reduction or elimination administration officials point to the fact that the US routinely contributes direct aid for humanitarian projects and disaster relief. If the US is going to send Navy warships loaded with supplies to areas struck by earthquakes, tsunamis or pother natural disasters why should be also footing the bill for duplicate services by the UN?

A UN spokesperson states these cuts by the United States “would simply make it impossible for the U.N. to continue all of its essential work”. But sometimes you need to ask “what have you done for me lately?” and when it comes to what the UN has done for the US the answer is very little. I do not remember any UN officials, or even member nations, helping evacuate New Orleans after the devastating flooding. Nor do I remember seeing UN officials handing out blankets or food to the homeless in LA or Philadelphia – or even their own home of NYC for that matter.

It’s a little coldhearted to cut funding for humanitarian programs or forces protecting the borders of hostile nations. But the American people made it clear they want to “Make America Great Again” and secure our borders – doing this means keeping more of our money here rather than sending it to solve similar problems in foreign lands.

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Tom Burrell

Tom Burrell

Tom enlisted in the US Marine Corps Reserves in 1987. Following service in Desert Storm, he transitioned to active duty with the US Coast Guard. In 1997 he left the USCG to pursue a position in conservation & maritime law enforcement. Tom is currently a Captain and he oversees several programs, including his agency investigation unit. He is also a training instructor in several areas including firearms, defensive tactics and first aid/CPR. In 2006 Tom received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Harrisburg Area Community College and in 2010 a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University.
Tom Burrell

10 thoughts on “Trump Administration Slashes U.N. Contributions

  1. Outstanding article! I could not agree more. We have paid enough to the point that everyone expects us to find, fix, feed, fund & fight all problems of the world. Enough! Time for others to pay up – NATO, UN, S Korea, NAFTA, Mexico and so many others that have taken advantage of us for decades.

  2. LONG over due ! America has been shouldering the costs for way too many free loader countries for way too long !!

  3. Where is the guy I voted for who said AMERICA FIRST? Not one dime to the UN, bring our troops home from Germany, Japan & Korea.

  4. Trumps a retard, a laughstock, and a blatant traitor to America. The pig routinely insults the intelligence community because they ALL confirmed his treason, yet they are all 90% active military & ex-mil. He is also the first president to refuse to call families of soldiers who are killed on duty. He just tweets about ‘horrible accident’ or whatever. That is, when he’s not tweeting tantrums like a 5 year old sissy. MAGA will happen when that vile pig hangs in GITMO for treason. The death penalty is still the law for treason. FUCK TRUMP! FUCK THE ANTIAMERICAN PIGS WHO SUPPORT THIS RETARDED BLASPHEMOUS FUCK!

    1. It’s about time we have an elected official who doesn’t give a rats ass about being “politically correct” and that cares more about what working American People value, enough so to say stick it up your ass so fuck you Mike…..

  5. Mike you don’t sound American to me at all !! Trump has don more for America 6 months then the piece of SHIT Obama did in 8 years. Go back to Berkley, Brown or NYU have some hot chocolate and pet you therapy dog for as long as you student VISA allows then go home to the Middle East.

  6. Mike, you have attained the acme of Liberal intellectual communication skills. Ad hominem attacks and gutter language. It’s what we’ve come to expect from people educated in our public schools. O mia patria si bella e perduta.

  7. Apparently there are some uninformed people commenting on the President’s decision making. Clearly they preferred a criminal in office who had our guys killed overseas and blamed it on a video. Maybe they should join some of the celeberties and move out of the country.

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