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Tools of the Trade

Most of us have a trade, an occupation or a job that accounts for most of our waking hours each day, each week, each month, and each year. Regardless of what our chosen occupation is, or whichever occupation chose us, there are certain things that are required for us to be successful. We often refer to these things as tools. The tools that are required are not necessarily only physical, but a physical tool always requires a cognitive user.

Tools can be our brain, or cognitive abilities, as well as the necessary physical tools to perform the required duties of a position. Some examples of tools could be a pencil and calculator for an accountant or a shovel and steel-toe boots for a ditch digger. My tools as a Pastor and Chaplain are a Bible, listening ears and hopefully a voice of reason.

Tools SideIn the scope of the website you visited to read this blog post, the tools of the trade are catered to the needs of military personnel, as well as those in law enforcement and emergency or public service. The tools necessary to perform these jobs are not only mission-specific and essential; they are life-essential for the men and women that use them. From under garments to Kevlar vests, the tools of the trade are essential.

The drive that compels men and women to put their life on the line day in and day out around the globe is obviously based on individual drive and decisions. However, they should be equipped with the best of whatever it takes to get the job done. We have all read, or heard of, the horror stories from the battlefields around the globe and over the decades where American service members have perished, and even more been injured, because of inappropriate or substandard equipment. Some of you may have faced or suffered in one of these incidents during your time of service, for that you have my prayers. Unfortunately, every generation seems to have faced the challenges of their tools of the trade.

The first paratroopers of WWII faced the overweight gear bags attached to their legs on the D-Day Invasion of June 6, 1944. Those on the Korean battlefront did not receive the necessary cold-weather gear at the right time. In Vietnam, there were serious problems with the introduction of the M-16 into the field. In the Middle East, the challenges or lack of armor for the individual, as well as their vehicles, was costly in more than one way. Even though many, if not all, of these examples were eventually rectified, it cannot possibly make up for the losses incurred.

The priority of every American, or everyone everywhere, whether in harms way in the military or public service or other workplace is to go home from work the same way they arrived to work. Everyone wants to have the same body parts at the end of their day that they began their shift with. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. American citizen, do whatever it takes to make sure that not only you are safe, but that those who serve you have what they need to be safe as they serve you.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Bergen Mease

Author, baseball fan, Florida State University Seminoles sports nut, Gulf Coast native usually somewhere with his feet in the sand.

Those are just a few things that could generally describe Bergen Mease. However, more importantly he is a Believer in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He is a patriot of the United States of America that comes from a US Navy family. He lives with his wife and children, whom they are raising with conservative leanings. He served as a law enforcement officer and more recently as a law enforcement and emergency services Chaplain. His mission is to write about topics that will make everyone think about how they treat others both personally and professionally.
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