Things You May Not Know about the Armed Forces

You know those links that are usually at the bottom of news articles and pop up on your Facebook while you’re scrolling sometimes, and they say something like, “YOU’D NEVER BELIEVE!” This isn’t one of those, but it is some things you might not know unless you actually knew it from personal experience or just like to know about everything there is to know.

1. Probably the biggest surprise while researching facts, in FY2017 the Coast Guard and its interagency partners, who operate in a 6 million square mile area, seized over 455,000 pounds of cocaine worth over $6 billion wholesale. Thanks to the internet and people’s plain stupidity I found the average price of cocaine in large major cities to be anywhere from $45-$85 bringing the street price to between $9.3 – $17.6 billion.

2. The United States Armed Forces is the employer of the most people in the nation. With about 1.4 million active duty personnel, and 1.1 million Nation Guard and reserve personnel. The next closest is Wal-Mart at about 2.2 million paid employees.

3. Of the 45 presidents that have held office, 31 served in The Armed Forces. Two of them were ranked as 5-star generals and one received The Medal of Honor.

4. If the Army was a city it would be the 10th largest. They would have more “residents” than San Francisco, Austin, and Jacksonville.

5. The “E-4 Mafia” is definitely a thing! The rank specialist makes up over a quarter of the US Army. In 2015, between the reserves and active duty there 264,890 Specialists. Sham shields activate!

6. The “State of the Army” would be larger than Hawaii and Massachusetts combined. The Army owns more than 15 million acres of land which is roughly 24,000 square miles.

7. Special Forces soldiers have been deployed to 135 of 195 recognized countries. Their primary missions being, counter-terrorism, security force assistance, recon, foreign internal defense, amongst other things.

8. 5th Group, ODA 595 which was a 12-man team and two Air Force combat controllers rode into Afghanistan on horseback. As most of you probably know thanks to the 12 Strong movie trailer they went up against tanks and swarms of soldiers that would make you crap your pants.

A little bonus one on the way out. The Pentagon was built in 1941 and does not feature a single slab of granite. Why you ask? That is a result of Italy being on the opposite side of the war.

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