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Things to Think About When PCSing with Your Motorcycle

Each year thousands of single soldiers and those with families are relocated to various installations throughout the USA and other countries as well. A commonly asked question amongst relocating soldiers is in regards to shipping a motorcycle or other vehicle to their new destination. After doing a bit of research, it can safely be said that all branches of the service require the same criteria in order to qualify for an entitlement to ship a vehicle or motorcycle to your new installation. POVs (Personally Owned Vehicles) can be covered through your Transportation Officer.

Getting the Right Info

If you need to find out information regarding motorcycle use, registration, licensing or other regulations, a good website to visit is Another great option is to contact the Motor Vehicle Department in the state to which you are being transferred. You will then be able to find out about the required insurance, licenses, as well as license plates. You may also ask for a brochure or a driver’s manual. You can also visit the Arizona Department of Transportation.  (This website represents the state of Arizona, needless to say you may use the look for any other state in order to find the specific information you need.)

If you work with your counselor from the transportation office, you can begin to use the “weight estimator” in order to obtain a fairly accurate number in regards to the weight of your HHG. Also visit and access the DOD customer tab, which will help the “weight estimator” to be more accurate and easier to understand.

Weight Allowances

Weight allowances are based on a soldier’s rank and the number of dependents. Transportation personnel may consider a higher weight allowance (not to exceed 18,000 lbs.) on a case-by-case basis (only if not approving this increase would cause a significant hardship to the soldier or their family).

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Get the Paperwork

If you are planning on shipping a motorcycle, make sure you have the forms and know how to file a claim for loss or damage to your property. It is also wise to purchase additional insurance. There are also a few regulations that the soldier is responsible for when shipping any vehicle. For example, drain all gas from the gas tank, make sure that all tires are properly inflated, disconnect the battery, use electrical tape on wires to prevent sparking, remove all personal items from the saddlebags, etc. Any other items, whether personal or spare parts, can be shipped separately.

Relocation Allowance

Whether you are relocating within the 50 United States or overseas, the basic rules for obtaining a relocation allowance are the same. Make sure to use all of the support set up by the military in order to make your relocation a pleasurable experience. Seek out these people such as the Transportation Officer. This office has all the necessary paperwork and information you require in order to transport your motorcycle along with your other household goods.

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