The Thin Blue Line at its Breaking Point

I heard about the ambush of the Dallas police officers while I was delivering a sailboat from Florida to North Carolina. The murder of a Louisiana officer hit the news about the same time. Since then it seems that a week doesn’t go by without headlines touting the violent death of police officers somewhere in this country.

Over the weekend, an officer in Milwaukee, WI shot and killed an armed suspect leading to riots, property damage and personal injury to both civilians and police. This, like so many stories over the last year, was recorded on a body camera and the mayor of Milwaukee has already stepped forward in support of the officer.

Rhetoric and protests have pushed this country to the point where a large portion of the population – and a large portion of the police force – are adopting an “us against them” stance when dealing with their opposite numbers.

Black activists are pushing hard to make the police force, whether guilty or not, the culprits in any and all shootings of African-Americans. It doesn’t matter whether the police officer who fired the shot was white or black, each attack is followed by claims of racism.

MilwaukeeThose claims are hard to justify in the Milwaukee shootings, however, and the damage rioters did to their own community. When a mob attacks stores and businesses that employ neighbors of the rioters, it makes little sense to me. You are no longer hurting the perceived enemy; you are hurting your own community.

However, I have never been all that keen on rioting – so maybe I am missing something. Just like I am confused why a young man – an ex-Marine with mental issues – would be looked upon with anything but pity when he murdered the police officers in Dallas. That attack was not done to push forward a political viewpoint. It was a mentally unstable individual striking out to gain the notoriety in death that he did not have in life.

Whether you believe the police are systematically targeting blacks, Hispanics and other racial groups, the simple truth is that the police force – no matter its faults and deficiencies – protects society from criminals. The more stress that the police are placed under, the harder it is for them to do their job. The more often they are targeted by black activists that become cop killers, the harder it is for them to treat all people as innocent until proven guilty.

Rioting is not the appropriate response when a police officer shoots and kills an armed suspect who has refused to comply with the officer. According to CNN, so far this year, 38 police officers have been shot to death. 14 of those were killed in ambush. In a lawful society, this number is appalling.

Unfortunately, with the current climate of anger and hate, it is bound to rise.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the authors and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of US Patriot Tactical.

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