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The Strawman Resurgent: Iranian Provocations Increase as US Shows It Is Unwilling to Defend Its Interests | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

The Strawman Resurgent: Iranian Provocations Increase as US Shows It Is Unwilling to Defend Its Interests

For years, the American public was told that it had a choice between making a nuclear deal with Iran or fighting a war. That was a complete and utter lie. The choice we had was between signing a bad deal – which would give Iran the stature and funding to become a major political and military force in the Middle East – and continuing to treat the country like the terrorist state it is.

This administration, reversing 28 years of policy by both Democrats and Republicans, gave Iran the international legitimacy it so desperately craved. Now, of course, we are paying the price for that foolishness.

  • Iranians have fired on American-flagged ships in the Persian Gulf
  • Iranians have captured American sailors – treating them like political prisoners and violating the Geneva Convention by using them for propaganda purposes
  • Iranians have targeted American warships with submarine launched torpedoes and airborne drones in violation of international agreements; they have also conducted weapons fire testing too close to American ships
  • Iranians have conducted ballistic missile tests in violation of international agreements

Secretary of State John KerrySince the signing of the nuclear deal, Iran has been conducting a campaign of humiliation against the United States. Passively allowing these actions to go unanswered is strengthening the idea that the U.S. will not stand up for its interests and that any half-baked terrorist nation can humble the world’s remaining superpower.

Unfortunately, this administration has proven over and over again that their ineptitude when it comes to foreign policy is only matched by their ability to delude themselves about how wonderful their foreign policy is. Libya is a mess, Syria is in chaos, the Ukraine is a disaster, North Korea is a clown show with sharp little teeth, and now, Iran joins the club.

The mullahs are chortling with glee that not only have they humbled the Great Satan, but we are actually paying them billions of dollars to do it. Time, of course, is running out for them, but they still have a year and a half to confront, provoke and humiliate the U.S. before the next administration steps in.

No matter who is elected, they cannot possibly do a worse job than has already been done.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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