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The NBA and Everytown: A Gun-Control Match Made in Money | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

The NBA and Everytown: A Gun-Control Match Made in Money

In a move so filled with political agendas as to be suffocating, the NBA threw its hat in the gun control ring with epic timing: Christmas day. They teamed up with none other than Everytown for Gun Safety – commonly referred to simply as Everytown – and lined up their videotaped gun control pitches to be seen by the public for the first time during key games on December 25th. Their logic for the timing was quite sound, really: by running those ads during Christmas day games, they would reach not only a broader audience but one wrapped up in the joys of the season- including family and friends. Their ads would undoubtedly strike a chord on multiple levels, and they did. However, the NBA apparently did not consider a few things when gathering their anti-gun forces. Do they realize who they’re teaming up with? Do they care?

Everytown for Gun Safety

Everytown was founded in 2014 by former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. It is worth noting that as of 2013 Michael R. Bloomberg was listed by Forbes as the 13th richest person in the world with personal wealth listed at $33 billion. In the political world, money does not just talk- it screams. It moves mountains. Bloomberg was the 108th Mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013 and, although he’d lived his life as a fervent Democrat, he changed his party affiliation to Republican when he decided to run for office in 2001. After winning his second term, he returned to his Democratic roots once again although there is no doubt – and plenty of evidence to back it – that he was a Dem all along. While it is true that his leaving the Republican Party actually entailed signing on as an independent, there has never been any doubt as to his actual leanings. Bloomberg is a Democrat through and through, and always will be. He is a fervent supporter of same-sex marriage, is adamantly pro-choice, pushes for illegal aliens to simply be given citizenship, and beats the gun control drums with all his might.

In 2006, Bloomberg started Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He had help from the late Boston mayor Thomas Merino, who passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer. By 2013 the group listed the involvement of 1,000 mayors. It was meant to be a bipartisan movement – a movement against illegally-obtained firearms. After all, who in their right mind would have a problem fighting against the illegal ownership of guns? As it turned out, Mayors Against Illegal Guns was simply a means to an end.

Michael R. Bloomberg
Michael R. Bloomberg

It took some time, but mayors did eventually leave Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) as it became evident the group was not honest in its goals. When Poughkeepsie, New York Mayor John C. Tkazyik cut ties with MAIG, he made the following statement regarding his reasons: “MAIG became a vehicle for Bloomberg to promote his personal gun-control agenda — violating the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and taking resources away from initiatives that could actually work to protect our neighborhoods and save precious lives.” He added that he wasn’t the only one to leave; around that time, around 50 other mayors left MAIG for the same reasons. Others left because they realized MAIG did not actually care about illegal firearms, a conclusion voiced by the mayor of Danbury, Connecticut: “I joined … because I believe enforcement of existing gun laws is preferable to creating new gun laws.  It is clear in recent months however that Bloomberg’s mission has changed from law enforcement to simply increasing gun regulations.” The impending collapse of MAIG did not get Bloomberg down, though. He simply set his sights on bigger game.

The first offshoot of MAIG was Moms Demand Action (MDA). Many see this particular group as one started by Shannon Watts, who has been the face of MDA since it was created the day after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. Watts claims she modeled the creation of MDA after the well-known group Mothers Against Drunk Driving but, as is the norm in these cases, there is more to this story. The group was founded on December 15, 2012 and waited out the space of one year before officially announcing it was merging with MAIG, the group that had been experiencing an increasingly high number of mayors bailing out in the previous years. Now Bloomberg was able to shore up his pet gun control project with the quickly-growing MDA, but he wasn’t done yet. Next stop: every town in America.

Everytown was founded just over one year after MDA announced its merging with MAIG which was also just after Bloomberg finally left the office of mayor. The group lists its motivations as the desire to “support efforts to educate policy makers, as well the press and the public, about the consequences of gun violence and promote efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.” Reality is something far different, because the culmination of Bloomberg’s decade of active gun control campaigning involves blatant lies, twisting of facts to suit his own needs, and the use of clever sleight-of-hand to further his end game. What is his end game? The end of gun ownership in America, of course.

The lies not only perpetuated but started by all three of Bloomberg’s groups are many but not particularly varied considering they all have the same goal. In March of 2014 MDA claimed to have forced Slide Fire to remove a billboard in Chicago (Slide Fire is a fantastic company started by USAF veteran Jeremiah Cottle that manufactures various aftermarket bump-fire stocks which are, quite frankly, awesome). The billboard in question pictured a rifle, an apple pie, and a baseball glove with the caption “Pure American.” In a well-deserved twist of irony MDA’s claim was proven false by the very source they attempted to use for free publicity: the Washington Times. An MDA publicist contacted the Washington Times via email to inform them “the controversial billboard from rifle company Slide Fire (that you’ve written about before) came down Tuesday following a campaign from Chicago members of Moms Demand Action.” However, when the Times’ senior editor of opinion, Emily Miller, investigated further, going so far as to obtain copies of the billboard’s contracts from Slide Fire itself, she made a discovery: the billboard was scheduled to come down on March 9th, 2014 all along. MDA had not done a single thing to influence its removal, it was simply contracted that way months prior. And when they blatantly lied to a prominent newspaper about it – a liberal publication, no less – they ended up with a very public shaming. Miller made it clear in her editorial: “Being dishonest about facts that are easily checked is not a way to win the debate.”

MDA protest at the annual NRA Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee
MDA protest at the annual NRA Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee

Honesty has never been a factory for any of Bloomberg’s groups. They even stretch the truth about seemingly small things. In April of 2015 MDA decided to stage a protest at the annual NRA Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Having been present at the NRA Meeting myself and witnessing a small group of protesters wandering aimlessly on a nearby corner, I was taken aback when the group claimed in the media to have staged a sizeable anti-gun protest. “Just blocks from the NRA convention, hundreds of moms, dads, and kids gathered today to show that we’ll go anywhere to bring the message of gun sense to America! Join our fight, we’re just getting started!” This message was posted on their site along with an image supposedly picturing those “hundreds” of protestors. Just one problem. There weren’t hundreds of protestors at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits; there were around 100, perhaps 120. The picture was carefully staged with a few rows of red-shirt clad MDAers close to the camera and others standing farther and farther away, distancing themselves significantly on a hill to give the illusion of greater numbers. The presence of other cameras in the area and witnesses such as myself ended up shedding light on their lie: MDA does not have substantial support. They may have Bloomberg’s millions of dollars but they absolutely do not have millions of supporters. In a city of 659,042 citizens – a city receiving a constant influx of hopeful musicians and travelers – MDA could not even manage to gather a news-worthy crowd. So they tried to fake one.

Everytown for Gun Safety has done it all from falsely claiming various gun companies and stores were posting illegal ads when those ads were entirely legal to manufacturing statistics to refusing to speak to Second Amendment groups. Apparently if Everytown cannot control the platform or be 110% assured of the outcome, they simply refuse to be involved.

In the world of politics there is a label for those who manipulate a situation to ensure people take a certain viewpoint regardless of reality: a spin doctor. Bloomberg himself is a financial spin doctor of sorts, using his vast wealth to influence the outcome of everything from bills to elections. In 2014 he funneled more than $50 million into the elections in an attempt to put the people he wanted in place into their various offices. Those people were and are ardent gun-control advocates. If you think money doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome of an election, your head isn’t just in the sand it’s jammed up a particular orifice so far you’ve lost all touch with reality. Bloomberg knew years ago how to get his way when it came to obliterating gun ownership in the United States: lie, lie and throw money at it. When the rich throw money at a problem, things tend to eventually go their way. Today, as 2015 comes to an end, he is definitely getting his way.

The NBA is apparently unconcerned with who they’ve chosen to affiliate themselves with for their gun control push. That lack of concern must extend to fact-checking as well considering the numbers regurgitated by the players in the advertisements are those created by Everytown – numbers based not on reality but on wishful anti-gun thinking. Interestingly, it is not just the pro-Second Amendment side that cringes when Everytown’s name is uttered; the liberal side of the aisle is well aware of its lies and deep-rooted problems. Invoking the name of Everytown as a source of pride is not unlike filling your favorite mug with manure and forcing a grin while proclaiming it’s the best coffee ever brewed. Both sides of the argument know what Bloomberg’s groups are full of, so why is the NBA throwing in their heavyweight lot with the unscrupulous group?

NBAMoney is the most obvious answer. Bloomberg’s wealth has blossomed dramatically in the past decade and he has proven time and again how freely he will throw it around when it comes to his anti-gun campaign. The NBA itself is an incredible money-making machine with individual teams valued into not the millions but the billions. There are quite a few players who made $15 million in the 2014-2015 season and eight who made more than $20 million in that same timeframe. Team owners make tens of millions – and more – annually. Billions in revenue are generated annually. Of all the professional sports – NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL – it’s the basketball players raking in the biggest money. Money talks.

Not to say there aren’t any NBA athletes who care about gun violence but considering the thuggish affiliations of a rather shocking number of them and the fact that a staggering number of them travel accompanied by armed bodyguards, doesn’t it seem just a tad hypocritical? More than one media outlet has published articles covering the armed guards of NBA players even going so far as supporting it, justifying this particular use of firepower as necessary for this particular class of people. The NBA can have armed guards – and carry their own guns – but you little people need not worry yourselves about self-defense.

It’s too bad the NBA has chosen to dip their oversized toes in the anti-gun pool, because this act will have repercussions far beyond anything they could possibly imagine. While there may be some gun owners who refuse to cut their ties to basketball, there will be more who are not only willing but active and outspoken regarding their disgust. It’s times like this that lines must be drawn in the proverbial sand: choose your side, and stick to it. Stick to your guns, because at the end of the day the cold steel of your 9mm or .45 ACP can save your life in case of an attack. A basketball is filled with nothing but air which is apparently something it has in common with quite a few NBA players.

Fight for your rights, America. Let the NBA know where you stand, and do it the only way they seem to understand: remove your financial support.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Katherine Ainsworth

Katherine is a military and political journalist with a reputation for hard-hitting, no-holds-barred articles. Her career as a writer has immersed her in the military lifestyle and given her unique insights into the various branches of service. She is a firearms aficionado and has years of experience as a K9 SAR handler, and has volunteered with multiple support-our-troops charities for more than a decade. Katherine is passionate about military issues and feels supporting service members should be the top priority for all Americans. Her areas of expertise include the military, politics, history, firearms and canine issues.
Katherine Ainsworth

1 thought on “The NBA and Everytown: A Gun-Control Match Made in Money

  1. Oh Katherine. You have concentrated on the threat without seeing the opporrunities. The NBA does not have the clout to change the Constitution so the Seconf Amendment is safe for now.

    The NBA does, however, have a reach into sections of the population with a history of violence involving guns. The ability to influence even a mere few individuals might well save a life or two. Surely that is an opportunity worthy of consideration.

    No one is asking you or me to give up owning or carrying firearms. And we are not going to be influenced by the blandishments of a few basketball players. But perhaps, just maybe, some would-be, wanna-be gang banger just might buy to the campaign, leave his piece at home and save a life as a result I seeing his hero in the media.

    Except that the NBA wouldn’t spend the bucks unless it thought it could influence more than the occasional thug. So just maybe the streets might be a little safer for the public and the cops who protect and serve them while not adversely affecting law-abiding gun owners. Seems like there might be some potential in this deal, provided that it is carefully managed by intelligent people. The problem is that when conservatives withdraw from involvement, they lose the ability to influence events, leaving the liberals with all the control. You can’t win unless you participate. Yelling from the sidelines is no substitute for intelligent involvement and influence. This debate is too important for intelligent conservatives to opt out.

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