Since the election of current President, Donald Trump, it’s seems that Presidency has turned into somewhat of a joke. Especially with the rumors of Mark Cuban running in 2020 against the current President. Next thing you know we’ll be asking ourselves if James Franco and Seth Rogan would make good President and Vice President candidates.

I’m trying to keep this as neutral as possible. I’m really not one for politically motivated talk but at the current moment, the news is littered with it.

Mark Cuban has said he won’t for sure run until his wife says she is open to it. That’s a good start though I guess, right? These strong up billionaires we seem to be growing through just isn’t what we need. Being a veteran, I am definitely partial to requiring military service. I mean, the title Commander and Chief isn’t just hot air. As the President, you sit in charge of all the military forces along with the WHOLE country. Granted we have checks and balances set so that complete mayhem cannot ensue. Of course, we also have appointed (chosen) officials that sit beside the President to help with the decision making and to sometimes sway the decision to meet certain agendas.

Requiring the President to have served would give them a better understating of certain aspects when it comes to military decisions. Certain drawbacks or moves would possibly be more thought out decisions especially in this time of war that we are in against terrorism. While we don’t see it locally here in the US being such a big power we are looked to when our fellow UN countries are attacked. We do have SECDEF for a reason. We have a great one currently actually, in the form of, General(ret.) James “Mad Dog” Mattis. Did you see that picture of him in a suit sitting in the last seat of what appeared to be a CH-47 Chinook with the cargo door open? What a total badass!

Maybe we just require these positions to be veterans that whispering voice into the Presidents ear. Granted the President doesn’t have to listen to them. El President couldn’t decide to do whatever he/she wanted. Okay, not anything but you understand what I’m saying. While the experience would be a plus that is what the cabinet is for. The cabinet is built of positions that focus on key aspects of the Nation. We just have to trust that the President will choose good officials. Do you think military service should be a requirement? I know for sure I now feel political service should be a requirement.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Angelo Pisa

Angelo grew up in California before enlisting in the United States Army in the summer of 2013. After an unfortunate injury, he left the Army in December of 2014. He now spends his time running two growing businesses and is in the process of starting another. His hobbies include sports, anything automotive and firearms.
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3 thoughts on “The Joke House

  1. In your next post, could you please talk more about the MIGHTY hegemony of Uruguay and its ultra-sophisticated bevy of hypersonic cruise missiles, stealth drones, networked and sensor-fusion capability, and marine commandos?

  2. If you look at American history, you’ll notice that nearly ALL of the nation’s greatest presidents served in the armed forces. There are notable exceptions, of course, such as Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and FDR. And there were mediocre or poor presidents who did serve, such as Grant. However, I do believe that SOME sort of service to the nation: whether it be in the armed forces, law enforcement, elected public office, or even public appointment should be a prerequisite to holding the highest public office in the land.

    I’m not a veteran of the armed forces, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a law mandating military service as a prerequisite for the president: not just for the very valid points Mr Pisa raised, but also for a more fundamental reason. Leaders don’t need to be the smartest, most knowledgeable, most disciplined, or even the most capable of people. They do need, however, to be people who are willing and able to put the interests of the people and the institution they represent ahead of their own selfish desires. They need to be willing and able to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of others.

    Few other organizations inculcate this characteristic in their members as effectively and thoroughly as the armed forces. And in the case of the US armed forces, each and every man and woman is a volunteer who knows that he or she may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice for his or her unit and country.

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