It’s not surprising to know that the United States military is currently experiencing a manning problem. Reenlistments are also experiencing a number decrease with pages like Why I’m not Re-enlisting highlighting some of the motivations behind military members departures from the service. Now the government has started looking for solutions and the most viable one appears to be reinstating the unpopular draft that involved innumerable amounts of innocent lives in wars they did not start. But, perhaps that’s not the alternative anyone in this volunteer force wants to receive as the same problems originally experienced by the draft will remain the same unless Congress steps in to change the rules. As affluent people will continue avoiding draft with their riches and poor families will see their children go to war without any form of protection. Furthermore, in this day and age of equality and the gender lines being continually blurred further will women be required to sign up for the selective service?

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The military in the United States as is stands is an all volunteer force made up of personnel who by they own volition decided to serve their country. Ideally, this type of military serves to weed out members who would be less than adequate in their jobs and allow for an “elite” force to stand out. But, unfortunately, the military’s current way of determining who can actively serve still has flaws and a few bad apples can still join the service. But, as multiple articles have recently highlighted the exhaustion currently being experienced by the military it’s starting to become clear that the current levels of recruitment and active duty servicemen are not enough regardless of what the government higher-ups think of the requirements. Furthermore, a draft style of recruiting will also assist in finding qualified individuals who might not have thought about joining the military but instead found purpose in the service. Yet, this still leaves the problem of draft avoidance.

It’s clear from the start the draft disproportionately affects the poor population at a higher rate than the rich class. Draft evasion is such a problem, Wikipedia essentially has an entire article dedicated to the issue. But, while some of the reasons listed in the aforementioned article might not apply today the others are still applicable and can be potential loopholes in avoiding the draft. Arguably, it’s understandable why citizens wouldn’t want to become involved in the military. Combat is terrifying, and given the choice, many citizens would rather avoid serving at all cost. It is especially true, in the information era as citizens are now aware of all the struggles that the military experiences by reading from multiple sources. But, the biggest question is still regarding the “fair” gender, and will women have to signup for the military draft as well?



For generations, the selective service has only involved “males of age” and completely neglected females in this requirement. Times, however, have changed and now women are actively seeking the same rights as men. But, with the same rights come responsibilities and isn’t a duty to country one of those which all citizens must be responsible for? Wouldn’t females need to sign-up in order to receive the same benefits that men acquire whenthey sign-up for the draft? Benefits such as being able to receive the Pell Grant only for those men who signed up for the draft? It’s a touchy subject for many, but if we want to live in an equal society then we need to agree that all men and women are equal in the military as well and as such we’re all going to pull together in duty… as one team one fight.

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Emmanuel "Dash the Bomber" Barbosa

Emmanuel Barbosa, AKA Dash The Bomber, is currently serving in the 7th fleet, and has over 8 years of experience in the military. A writer with a penchant for the humorous and informative, he loves to share his stories with those who would be willing to listen. Having served in deployments that have taken him around the world, Dash has seen and heard about many things that would be hard to believe. A loving father and a faithful husband, he is dedicated to protecting his family and country. For fun he enjoys cosplaying, videogames, and writing for online magazines.

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2 thoughts on “The Draft Solution

  1. Your op-ed claims it’s obvious why the draft disproportionally affects ‘the poor’ but you never explain how or why. It sounds like inaccurate generalizations without evidence to back up your claim. I would rsther have fewer, but higher-quality Volunteers under my command than be fully-manned and half or more of my Tankers not want to be there.

  2. The evidence for Mr Barbosa’s statement is pretty obvious if you look at American history. Until the U.S. got rid of conscription, wealthier Americans could generally wiggle out of getting drafted through a combination of official policies and connections that poorer people simply didn’t have. For instance, during the Civil War, men eligible for miltiary service could avoid conscription by paying $300 (close to $10k in 2017 dollars) for a substitute… this, among some other things, led to a nasty NYC riot in 1863.

    In later wars, such as Vietnam, men from wealthier families–like our current President–could collude with their private doctors to cook up spurious but seemingly plausible medical disqualifications like ‘bone spurs’ (that somehow did not prevent young Mr Trump from playing various sports). Attending college could also secure a deferment from the draft. Men from poorer families wouldn’t have had physicians who could create false medical reports and they certainly wouldn’t have been attending university to obtain student deferments.

    I do agree with your logic–I wouldn’t want men under my command who consider their current MOS to be a fate worse than death–but if the Army needs bodies, then it isn’t too good for national morale if it becomes apparent that the wealthy are shirking their duty whilst the poor bleed. Stuff like that is excellent material for enemy propaganda and psychological operations to exploit, and men who have been pressed into service against their natural will and inclination would be especially vulnerable to such coercion.

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