The Best MOLLE Gear Accessories

MOLLE (modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment) systems are one of our favorite ways to customize vests and ruck packs with the essential gear you need for each mission.  

When it comes to finding the best MOLLE gear accessories, the sky’s really the limit. There’s something out there for pretty much every mission and use. Here are some of our go-to pieces of gear.  

Shellback Tactical Medic Pouch  

shellback medic pouchMOLLE gear is great for adding on more gear when you need it and no gear is more important than your medic pack when an emergency strikes.  

One thing we love about the Shellback Tactical Medic Pouch is that you can attach it to either side of your body, so it’s perfect for both righties and lefties. You can customize it further using the additional MOLLE straps on the front as well – you can’t go wrong with this one.  

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High Speed Gear Radio Pop-Up Taco® (MOLLE) 

high speed taco pouchAny tactician worth their salt knows that communications can make or break a mission. The High Speed Gear Radio Pop-Up Taco® (MOLLE) keeps your radio secure with their patented TACO technology and durable webbing.  

Even though you can trust this pouch to hold your communications device in the toughest situation, you can also trust that it’s easily accessible when you need it, thanks in part to the included MOLLE gear attachments, like the HSGI clips that allow you to easily attach it to your MOLLE or PALS webbing.  

Rothco MOLLE Compatible Water Bottle Pouch  

olive drab water bottle pouchWhether you’re in the frigid cold, the wettest jungle, or the hottest desert, you know you need to stay properly hydrated on all your missions. The Rothco MOLLE Compatible Water Bottle Pouch is a perfect addition to your MOLLE setup because it’s smaller than a large hydration bladder, but large enough to carry most water bottles. It’s zippered flip opening and straw hole on top make it easy to take a swig without breaking your stride, making it a great piece of military gear.  

The two 6” straps allow you to attach it to any MOLLE system, while the zippered front pocket and built in MOLLE webbing make it easy for you to use this pouch to carry even more gear.  

High Speed Gear Double Pistol TACO® (MOLLE) 

high speed pistol pouchYour extra weapon is important, but it’ll soon be useless if you don’t have the ammo for it. The High Speed Gear Double Pistol TACO® (MOLLE) will securely hold most pistol magazines and allows for lightning-fast deployment of single, double, or triple pistol mags.  

The thing that we love most about this pouch is that it’s multipurpose, making it a great piece of military or police gear. So, if you’re on a mission where you don’t need to carry extra magazines, you can still use this pouch for other pieces of small tactical gear like flashlights, knives, multitools and more.  

When it comes to customizing your MOLLE gear, the sky is really the limit. Ready to start your set up? A good first step is finding the right vest or pack.  

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NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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