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The Appreciation of New Sights and Life | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

One of the coolest aspects of being in the military is viewing unique sights. Regardless of what branch of the military a person joins they’ll be able to witness events that regular civilians will seldom see. While it’s true that eventually, these events become a regular part of life as their careers progress, there will still be moments that were at some point unfathomable by the members. Whether it’s a squadron of helicopters taking off one after the other, aircraft being launched from the flight deck of a carrier, or facing combat with the enemies in direct combat, the experiences that are shared amongst those who serve are quite thrilling. Recently though, the USS Ronald Reagan became the centerpiece of one of these momentous occasions.

On November 12th of the year 2017, the USS Ronald Reagan alongside the company of the USS Roosevelt and the USS Nimitz participated in a photo opportunity that projected the power of the United States military by sailing alongside each other in the Pacific. Of course, the trio of carriers was accompanied by their respective escorts and a group of allies from Japan as they sailed together for all who could see to witness. Sailors from inside the ships were asked to climb out to the flight deck in order to take pictures and see first-hand all of the other ships in what was essentially a modern-day armada. For some sailors onboard, all of this might seem trite and inconsequential, but for other events like these represent a lot more providing them with anticipation of future events they’ll be able to not only witness but also be able to participate.

Being on deployment in The Navy is hard work. Hardly anything will ever be different when a sailor looks outside the hangar bay only to see the ocean in every single direction. Moments like spotting an island on the horizon, seeing land when close to a port visit, or even witnessing other ships out in the distance become a bit of a thrill for those who love to yearn about the future. It’s the small things in life that become appreciated after living in isolation for the months they’re out to sea, and while some never learn to love the beauty of being on land; others take the opposite route…

Members of the military gain a newfound appreciation for a normal life. The ability to return home from work, a loving family to return to, and even the simple pleasures of driving to a new location are amplified to those who have lived in a small confined space for nearly a year. Coming home to a new set of trends or a child’s newly found personality can be incredible, but there is always a small bit of culture shock. After, working in an environment where half of the people annoy you and the other part is starting to become intolerable; those sights the sailors behold are part of the biggest motivators in the life of sailors.


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Emmanuel "Dash the Bomber" Barbosa

Emmanuel Barbosa, AKA Dash The Bomber, is currently serving in the 7th fleet, and has over 8 years of experience in the military. A writer with a penchant for the humorous and informative, he loves to share his stories with those who would be willing to listen. Having served in deployments that have taken him around the world, Dash has seen and heard about many things that would be hard to believe. A loving father and a faithful husband, he is dedicated to protecting his family and country. For fun he enjoys cosplaying, videogames, and writing for online magazines.

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