The 7 Best Trackers for Runners, Hikers, and Cyclists

Consultant and author Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured get managed.” This is especially true for anyone looking to improve distance or speed, on foot or cycle. The trackers below will not only help you chart miles, improve distance and time, and perform better each time you lace up your boots, some of them will actually help keep you motivated! Some apps even include music, while others provide safety advice for those traveling by foot or bike in unknown areas.

Let’s take a deep dive into a few of our favorite apps for tracking miles.

Couch to 5K

First, there’s Couch to 5K. Like the name sounds, this app is meant to help “couch potatoes” get in shape for their first 3.1-mile run. The app guides individuals through a trio of 30-minute weekly workouts to help beginners get ready for a 5k in a nine-week time span. It tracks with GPS, provides a virtual coach, and costs $2.99.

For people who haven’t been very active, this app is a great way to start slowly and build up to longer distances.


Among the apps on our list, Human is perhaps the best for motivation. It’s a relatively simple app, in terms of tracking miles, but it calmly nudges users to keep moving, similar to a Fitbit smartwatch. The app works in the background, tallying up numbers, but it also ranks individuals against other “Humans” in the area.


Strava is a more advanced run tracker with a strong focus on the social elements of competition. This app is well known amongst runners and cyclists as it provides in-depth GPS tracking (additional metrics available for $8 per month). It also highlights other runners on the same trails to inspire competition. Premium users get access to Beacon, where designated contacts monitor a runner’s location.

Nike+ Run Club

Built for runners, Nike’s Run Club app not only tracks your workouts but also includes a variety of coaching and motivational features. There are built-in photo sharing functions, audio-based workouts from professional coaches, and a connection to Spotify.

Map My Run

Next, there’s Map My Run. This app might be the best on our list for those looking for new routes to conquer. There are currently 70 million routes on the app, which was developed by Under Armour. The tracker also estimates calories burned, elevation, pace, distance, and more. Wearable trackers and My Fitness Pal (nutrition counter) can also be synced with Map My Run.


For those runners just looking to zone out, listen to great music, and pay attention to pace, look no further than WeavRun. The app remixes pop songs to match your pace. This way, there’s no chance of a slow song popping into the mix to throw off a runner’s stride.

Charity Miles

Finally, there’s Charity Miles. This app is a great way to inspire additional steps for your workout. It tracks distance and donates small amounts of money to a pre-selected charity for every mile covered.

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