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Texas Is Not France- Sorry ISIS | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Texas Is Not France- Sorry ISIS

Not all that long ago, a newspaper office was attacked by Muslim Extremists in retaliation for printing offensive drawings about the prophet Muhammad. In this attack, 12 people were killed by a few gunmen and the police were unable to stop them at the time of the attack, being forced to catch up to them a day or two later. Well, in Garland, TX, there was a contest based on drawing offensive cartoons of Muhammad and, surprise, it was attacked. Both gunmen were killed on scene and one guard was injured, though he is expected to live. So, why was this so different?

The number one reason the Texas incident was lacking in its body count was the ability to rapidly employ effective return fire, unlike was the case in France. It can be argued that the attackers in Texas were less capable of conducting such an attack, but history shows us that even the most ill-prepared attacks, when not confronted by lethal force, can wreak havoc against an unarmed pool of victims. It can also be argued that the event in Texas almost expected such an attack based on the level of security that was put into place, making them all the more ready to defend the event from attackers.

OfficerNo matter what the specifics are, one cannot argue that having a trained and armed responder on scene at the onset of the attack saved dozens, if not hundreds of lives. What if the event planners had not chosen to have the level of security in place that they did? How bad would this incident have been? Obviously, we cannot accurately answer that question, but if the majority of those in attendance represented the spirit of Texas, it can be well argued that not much more carnage would have befallen this event as those inside would have been well enough armed to thwart the attack with a minimal level of injury to would-be victims.

In the end, this attack did not make much news attention because the body count was reserved to only those two who would seek to use violence to protect the name of their religion and, once again, it was proven that prospective victims can and will turn the tides on their attackers so long as they have a well-trained and armed response from the earliest possible minute. Out of the blue attacks can bring heavy casualties in short order while an unexpected response from those who care not to be slaughtered can reverse the order of those casualties just as quickly.

Because of all of this, a decision to be an armed citizen can only be reinforced as we have not seen the end of these types of attacks in America. No matter how you feel about the decision of people to mock the religion of others, in this nation, we are free to do just that; whether it be Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any other religion, our freedoms are such that we can. Just remember, such freedoms come with reactions and consequences. Because of those reactions, it is a good thing that Texas is not in France.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Seth Belt

Seth grew up in Southern Arizona before joining the U.S. Navy. While serving in the Navy, Seth was an anti-narcotics operator and an anti-submarine operator for 5 years. He was lucky enough to travel to many of the Central and South American countries, as well as visiting many South East Asian nations and islands. One of Seth’s greatest joys from his time in the Navy was teaching new Sailors firearms education and safety. After leaving the Navy in 2010, Seth returned to Arizona and had a rough time learning how to be a civilian again, often working jobs that could barely pay the bills. After going to school, Seth became an Emergency Medical Technician in the Phoenix Valley, where he now lives with his wife and son.His areas of knowledge cover military, firearms, and emergency medicine.
Seth Belt

2 thoughts on “Texas Is Not France- Sorry ISIS

  1. There is however another difference – France is a multi-cultural European continental country with seven million muslims, many who have immigrated from former colonies – a fact which is not even near for Texas. The French police is however known in Europe to be the most violent and aggressive in Europe, so one can’t in this matter think about the French police forces here as being on any kind of the “soft” part of the scale.

  2. There is a long (180 year) history of Texans successfully repelling armed attacks even when odds seemed insurmountably in favor of the attackers.

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