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Support Our Military this Holiday Season

The holidays, for many, are the best times of the year. They are a time to gather with family and friends and share good times together, a time to take a break from work and relax, and a time to give and receive gifts that they’ve been wanting all year long.

These are all great and wonderful things that most of us experience this time of year; that’s why we can’t forget that everyone is not experiencing all the happiness and joy the season can bring. For the deployed, the holidays mean something different. Often times, our troops are experiencing loneliness, longing, and even a sense of sadness.

That’s why we want to recognize an organization that helps offset those feelings for our troops during what should be the most wonderful time of the year for everybody. 

Boots for Troops

US Patriot is a proud sponsor of Boots for Troops, an amazing organization that supports our military well all year long – but especially during the holiday season.

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Boots for Troops’ sole purpose is to put smiles on the faces of deployed service members when they are likely missing their families the most. This is so important; so we’d like to tell you how they do it and how you can help!

Throughout the year, the Boots for Troops team personally corresponds with service members or family and friends of service members who request a package. Once a service member is selected to receive a care package, Boots for Troops sends over a form via e-mail that asks a series of questions such as:

  • What does the service member need where they are deployed?
  • What are their favorite snacks?
  • What is their favorite sports team?

Each package is then customized and comes with a new pair of boots hand-selected by the package recipient themselves. This program generates the biggest morale boost possible, but that’s not all that Boots for Troops does.

Support Our Military This Holiday Season

Boots for Troops’ Program Founder, Jimmy Rogers, has spent time deployed himself and knows first-hand the difference a care package can make – especially during the holidays.

That’s where the idea for the Warrior Morale Project came from. This program is a special holiday season project, initiated to help selected individual service members offset the cost to travel home for the holidays.

Donations to this project go directly towards purchasing airfare, gas vouchers and financially assisting service members with travel home to spend Christmas with their family. This project also helps to assist the selected service member in getting back to their home base safely after Christmas break. What a gift!

US Patriot is excited each year to work with Boots for Troops by providing gift options and boot choices for these selected service members! If you know a deserving service member who could use a morale boost this season, check out their site to see how to request a package or request travel assistance.

In addition to supporting Boots for Troops, consider purchasing a gift for the service member in your life this holiday season. We have plenty of items to choose from on the gifts section of our website, or maybe they too need a new pair of boots. Thank you for supporting our troops and Happy Holidays!


NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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