Supercharge Your Smartphone for Everyday Carry

A smartphone is arguably one of the most used technologies of the modern era. With so much information and resources packed inside, many people do not consider how to improve the outside of a phone for everyday carry, or EDC.

There are options such as improved cases, razor or knife cases, improved digital maps, updated security access points, and new forms of charging that can be added to an EDC smartphone. As technology improves, these options will only get better.

For now, let’s discuss how a smartphone can be turned into a modern-day Swiss army knife and how to properly protect this useful tool, both inside and out. Here are some options for EDC.

The Swiss Army Smartphone

Companies such as Klecker Knives offer innovative ways of adding useful tools to a smartphone. Check out this video to see their phone case, which features tweezers, a folding knife, and additional options that include scissors, a wrench, and a comb to personalize your EDC.

Rather than carry a pen, watch, knife, flashlight, wallet, and smartphone, it’s possible to simply pack a proper smartphone case with all of these tools.

As new companies create interesting options for smartphone cases, there are also highly personalized options. In addition to names or images, there are actually ways to 3D-print phone cases such as the ones from Klecker.

Within this exciting new realm, one could also 3D-print tweezers, scissors, and a wrench, for example. As this technology improves, items such as plastic battery cases, specialty cases, and even 3D-printed weapons will become a reality.

Upgrading Your Phone’s Security

There are countless options for improving the shell of your smartphone, but there are also ways to protect what’s inside. The case will protect the phone from damage if it’s dropped, but you should also add a security feature to protect your information from people with bad intentions.

Since most phones have banking apps and other confidential information, the first line of defense is to include a passcode of four to eight digits. In addition to modern phones with fingerprint ID, a passcode will keep away predators.

For individuals who do not like the nuisance of entering a passcode each time, there are privacy apps that can be used instead. So, a friend or spouse could access the basic functions of the phone, but your sensitive information would be protected.

Apps like KeepSafe or Private Photo Vault store photos or information in a secure location on the phone. Both require a passcode to access them. This way, private photos are not stored in the massive photo collection on the phone but hidden instead. This is useful for banking information and other screenshots that should be private as well.

All in all, it’s best to protect the phone both inside and out. As more options become available, an EDC phone with the right case will be a convenient option for those who want to travel light.

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