By this time, it is clear that many have offered their input regarding the condition of the Navy as a whole. While many are wondering about the well-being of their shipmates, others are speculating the root cause of all of the problems, trying to find an easy solution to an otherwise complex topic. In an article by Fortune, the writer (a retired Navy officer) speaks of how the Navy is close to a breaking point and without the support from the government certain to continue on this tragic path. But, why exactly is the Navy close to a breaking point? What is it that makes our current Navy different than the old one despite upholding the standards of pride and professionalism? The answer just might be found within the confines of an overworked, undermanned, stressed, and underpaid crew. Sailors assigned to the 7th fleet have it substantially worse as their deployment schedule can exceptionally demanding and mainly for those shipmates who are brand new to the Navy.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Abby Rader/Released)

The United States Navy has some of the most professionally trained crews in the world. After all, any crew that can perform complex nautical maneuvers on three hours of sleep, and a ludicrous amount of energy drinks/coffee deserves all of the accolades it receives. But, the tempo experienced by sailors on deployment can bring a human to the brink of their limitations. Regardless of the training, you can’t transform a sailor into an automaton who simply follows commands they are programmed to perform. But, sailors are expected to perform the duties of three or four people as the government continues to downsize crews in order to fill other billets, chain of commands will fight asking for more, but no is always the answer. As such, the Navy is forced further into the metaphorical rabbit hole of asking more from less from their crews and facing the inability to cover properly for their losses.

The situation can inherently worsen as sailors who fail to adapt to the Navy are forcibly separated, females who become pregnant can’t deploy, members get hurt in different types of accidents.
The numbers made up by these sailors are gone and irreplaceable until their regular rotation time becomes due and as such places, even greater stress on the already pushed to the limit manning. Furthermore, the problem is aggravated by sailors who purposely manage to get themselves into the aforementioned situations as a means to escape deployment and essentially become malingerers. The Navy now more than ever needs their crews to work together, without unit cohesion our ships will literally fall apart. But, if sailors aren’t given adequate rest, proper tools, and enough time to unwind then what changes does the upper chain of command expect to happen? The definition of insanity is performing the same action continuously and expecting a different result. By this definition, the Navy has been crazy for an absurd amount of time and something has to give. Additionally, without a proper look at what’s going on in the fleet, the Navy will simply relegate these recent mishaps as a lack of training and call it a day. But, the problem is much deeper than a mere absence of training, it is an absence of basic human treatment.

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