Stranger in a Strange Land: Why Liberal Veterans Are the True Patriots

America, let’s get it out there: I’m a Veteran, and I’m liberal. I can hear it now: Boo! Hiss! But hear me out, America. Being a Veteran in this country has certain assumptions attached to it when it comes to character and belief systems: Patriotism bordering on nationalistic fanaticism, conservative republicanism and (for some reason) a desire for the good ole’ days even if said veteran is only in his 20’s. Really though, what good old days are you imagining? Maybury? But it all falls under ‘Merica attitudes. While I know my fair share of vets (and a few active duty folks) who fit that very mold, it’s the few liberal Veterans that I know that really stand out to me.

You can argue day and night about whether or not America should be a liberal or conservative country, but when it comes to the veteran community, I have seen some truly vitriolic (that means filled with malice or cynicism for my Marine readers) attitudes directed at the members of our community who don’t fall into line when it comes to social and political beliefs.

But why, you may be asking, do I think liberal veterans are the true patriots? Because no one else represents true freedom quite as they do. They have served, fought, bled, and suffered the worst indignations a citizen of this country can possibly endure, and they still come home and stand by those who would, for example, kneel during the anthem. They know better than most what the flag and anthem mean, but they also understand that those sacrifices were made to allow someone who disregards the cloth and anthem that choice – without fear of repercussion. Liberal Veterans understand that a gay man can fight just as hard as a straight man, and that he should be able to marry, adopt a child, and live his life as happily as any “traditional” couple. The liberal Veteran may not always agree with the manner or even the beliefs of those they side with on the left, but they still understand it as those people’s rights, and will defend it as such. Something I feel that the majority of veterans are quick to dismiss when they go to blogs or social media and condemn the left for their ideals.

Our country was founded on radically progressive beliefs, and every day I see the idea of progressiveness attacked. How far backward our country will step is yet to be seen, but I have hope.

In a country where Veterans are looked to for guidance and leadership, I see people like Tammy Duckworth and groups such as Vets vs. Hate as tentpoles of a rising tide of liberal and democratic veterans; especially when we have such polarizing leaders higher up the food chain.

So, to my fellow liberal veterans, keep it up. Don’t let the majority silence you or detract from your service because you are “going against the grain.”

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Matthew Bartley

Matthew Bartley served 3 1/2 years as an Army Infantryman and deployed to Iraq earning a Combat Infantryman's Badge for his troubles. He now divides his time between family, his work, his writing and too many hobbies for one man to handle.
Matthew Bartley

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8 thoughts on “Stranger in a Strange Land: Why Liberal Veterans Are the True Patriots

  1. Just because I don’t agree does not mean I will not do what I am suppose to do when it is time to do it the way it is suppose to get done. Because I do not agree does not make me a True Patriot.

  2. You tried, but failed at making the point a liberal is more patriotic than another. Mostly because you dismiss that the none liberal veteran also understands the right they too stood to defend, they just disagree with the manner, as a matter of respect. Additionally, the liberal ideology isn’t pro American Republic or even pro American, but pro liberal.

    1. Well, I’m going to disagree with you there. How is the liberal ideology anti-american? If wanting equal rights for LGBTQ, common sense gun laws, regulated healthcare and corporations out of our politics and a woman’s privacy and rights to her own body is somehow anti-America then I’m not sure of what Country you are living in.

      1. Well, matt, I am going to disagree with you. LGBTQ is perversion against the laws of nature. There is no common sense in “common sense gun laws”. CSGL is just a social media cry for not thinking through the facts. Regulated government “healthcare” has taken away my freedom to choose. “Woman’s Privacy and Rights” make as much sense as CSGL because the life the woman wants to take is not her life, after all she has already been born. I and many legal immigrants chose to live in the United States of America because the Republic was founded on the principles of a “Sovereign Creator” and the laws were designed to protect that freedom. You may want to consider immigrating to China, for they already have the type of ideologies you would prefer to live under.

        1. LOL
          Mandi: “The United States of America was designed to protect the freedom of the individual.”
          LGBTQ Individual: “I’d like the freedom to live my life and not be excluded from society because of my sexual orientation.”
          Mandi: “No! LGBTQ is a peversion against the laws of nature!”

          Your political beliefs are just as authoritarian as the socialist countries you claim to disagree with.

          I’m also not sure what country you’re currently living in, because in no world did Obamacare mandate that you choose government healthcare over private health insurance.

  3. Liberal veteran served durung the times of Womens Army corp and dealt with alot of masogynist men but tried hard and made it to Spec 5 in 2 years and 6 mos. Ended service with Accomadation for Execellent Service and Good Conduct Medal. Served at Ft. Bragg, ran 4 miles a day. Why is my service any less because I was a liberal or a woman. Went to noncommisioned officer training and beat out alot of male MPs.

  4. I am a liberal combat veteran. I was Recon for 3 years. I don’t align with the stereotypical veteran. I don’t have tattoos all over my body to advertise that I was in combat, I don’t carry my sidearm every where I go, I have no issues with other races, I have no problem with the LGBTQ community, I believe healthcare is a right, and I am most certainly not a republican. I believe that election day should be a national holiday so more people can vote because that means the people are actually choosing like they are supposed too. Why so many republicans want to supress the vote is beyond logic. Have a brain people. The mindless zombies that follow trump like lemmings are on the wrong side of history. The first ammendment allows people to kneel during the national anthem. I don’t do it and I don’t particularly like it when others do it, but the first ammendment is not only there for some and not others. Hello? I hate it when people burn the flag, but guess what? Its their right. I didn’t only fight for one side of the country. I fought for all. The ones I dislike and like. What my country has turned into makes me sick. I love what America is supposed to stand for, but I really hate what it is. The department of defense and corporations hold way too much power here. Warch Eisenhower’s farewell speech. Totally true. The corruption that occurs on a daily basis is disgusting. Religion has no place in making policy. Hello the separation of church and state. I don’t want a bunch of people that believe in fairy tales to align laws with the same ideology. I love the 10% of police officers that aren’t corrupt. I love the 10% of judges that aren’t bias. Wake up America. trump is a bad bad person. You know it in your heart of hearts. If you want to be in a white only christian society move to russia. Btw I’m 37 and white. Props to all the real patriots who died for us.

  5. Thank you for answering my random universe question on this Independence Day 2019. After texting my friend in Utah, who is non-Mormon, I wondered “Are there liberal zealous patriots? Is ‘zealous patriot’ redundant?” So I googled it. Your article came up. Reading what you wrote made me smile. As a choir teacher, I always give a speech to all my students about the origin and significance of Veterans Day, as we always perform for our school assembly. And I stress that the veteran devoted himself or herself to the ideals of our country, not the current political base. I tear up every time because that kind of devotion to duty should be understood and cannot be taken for granted. I too do not understand why veterans are offended by those taking a knee—I see it just as you do—that’s the whole point. I also put it in the same category as Christians who dare to judge. I’m not a Christian and I think “I don’t think that’s what Jesus would do”…

    So, thank you for your level take on what a Veterans duty is to—these days, it lightens my heart’s load. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for your service to this country.

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