Stay Safe: The Ultimate Guide to Military Face Masks

Wearing a mask not only helps with social distancing, it enables an extra degree of protection for anyone around you. When thinking about face covers, whether tactical face covers or for daily use, shape and layers are important elements to consider.  

In terms of the shape, how a mask is able to shield your face is important for filtering out particles. You want it to be comfortable but fit snug enough to add that important element of protection. Cotton masks that are form fitting are a great everyday option, while moisture-wicking and antimicrobial material masks are great for performance. 

Layers are another important element to consider. In some studies, masks with multiple layers are more effective at blocking smaller particles. The more layers, the better protection provided. From military grade face masks to face covers for athletes, we’ve compiled a list of the best military masks we offer.

The Port Authority Cotton Knit Face Mask

This unisex cotton knit face mask is the perfect mask for everyday use. It’s 100% cotton, which means its machine washable. In terms of protection, its symmetrical pleats allow for a close fit and have 3 layers for added protection. Plus, it’s a 5-pack so one pack goes a long way.

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U.S. Patriot Daily Use Face Maskmask

Need a comfortable mask that won’t make you look completely out of regs in uniform? The U.S. Patriot Daily Use Face Mask is a pleated mask that comes in black camo, black and coyote brown—making it a great military face mask option. The best part? For every mask U.S. Patriot sells, we will be donating a mask to local EMS, law enforcement, and military organizations.

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Oakley Standard Issue Facemask

With a limiting transmissions efficacy rate of >99%, the Oakley Standard Issue Face Mask can serve multiple purposes. It’s a great tactical face cover as well as a face cover for athletes. Its Hydrolix moisture-wicking properties keeps your sweat from saturating the mask and the Agion antimicrobial technology provides protection against microbes. If you’re looking for a mask for use in the field or on a long run, this mask gets the job done.

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Under Armour SportsMask

The Under Armour SportsMask is the perfect face cover for athletes. Its unique layering system limits the transmission of droplets and airborne particles while providing a breathable and face-cooling experience. What sets this mask apart is the Iso-Chill liner. Along with providing excellent protection against the spread of COVID-19, the fabric maintains a sense of coolness to the skin, keeping the mask feeling fresh no matter the intensity of your workout.

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NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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